Thursday, April 21, 2011

i did it.

so the story continues..
The morning didn't start off so well, i had one HECK of a headache(don't even get me started on the frequency of these HORRID things!), it was one of those headaches that comes with dizziness and nausea. So i spent just over an hour on the couch, with lots of migraine meds in me, and a hot magicbag going back and forth every few mins between my forehead/eyes, and the nape of my neck, drifting in and out of sleep..
But it passed. THANK GOD!!
I was able to then get ready, yes i got dressed today! :) and i went and figured out the Easter shopping! So now my children will NOT be horribly disappointed! woot!

and now i just wish to share a pic of my cute little Orangie on her new bike(yes, i did take the pic on my phone, my real camera was ALLLL the way in the house!-aka 15 ft away!):

Wow, that's really all i have for you today, i'm really rather stressed about the whole weekend. I have a crazy 'easter hunt extravaganza' to go to at the kinda sister in laws house, and i'm also seeing an aunt who is dying of cancer(sadly i haven't seen her since almost 3 yrs ago), and then there is the fun of shuffling the girls back and forth(because i have an ex-husband *sigh*)..but for now i'm off to go and try and whip together a couple of Easter cards..because procrastination is how i roll apparently! ;)

Would love to know what you have planned for the weekend!

OH! and on a goal is to try and surpass the 200 followers mark..just putting it out there..hoping that the followers gods will help me out a little ;)


  1. Sorry to hear about the start to your day... but I hope you end up having a wonderful weekend - Happy Easter!

    Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday!

  2. Hope your headache stays away! Sorry about your aunt. Hope you make it to 200 followers and Thanks for stopping by my hop!!! (And for posting it in your sidebar!) You rock! Have a very wonderful Easter!

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  5. Thankyou all for the followings! I very very much appreciate it! :)

    Hope you all have an amazing weekend! I'll follow back as soon as i can! :)

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  7. Glad you're feel better! One of my sons has migraines - no fun! Hope your time with your aunt is special to your heart! Those times are tough!

    Have an joyful weekend!

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  10. Oh Mama! How did I not realize you and I had the headache thing in common? I get horible migraines too and this weather is so not our friend!
    I do have some good news for you:) You won my PUR Gum giveaway:)
    Shoot me an e-mail at modernmom at rocketmail sdot come with your snail mail address and we will get the package sent out to you!

  11. Following from the hop. Hope your headache goes away and you enjoy Easter weekend. Following you on Twitter.

    twitter: @claylauren2001

  12. Nice meeting you, hope your headache is all gone and that is a cute girl and a very cool bike!

  13. It sounds like you have quite a busy weekend ahead! Glad your headache cleared up so you can deal with the not-so-good parts. Thank you for hopping with us for the Bunny Hop! We are following you back! Hope you have a great weekend and that those headaches go away, they aren't fun!


  14. Feel better dear! Take your time this weekend! I totally understand how you feel. Found you on the Bunny blog hop and hope you can follow back.


  15. Hi! Following you back. Sorry to hear about your headaches! :(

  16. wow! so many fantastic people stoppin' by! Thankyou Thankyou! i really appreciate it!

    Hope you're all having a fantastic Easter weekend!

  17. Following you back from lucas's Journey w/SPD. Thanks for linking up to our weekend hop :)

    Have a WONDERFUL Easter : )

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  18. Love the bike!!! I found you on MB please follow

  19. Hi, I'm your newest follower over from the hop. Hope you can stop by sometime and return the follow.

    Have a wonderful Easter!


  20. I have a relax and heal plan for the weekend. Allergies are killin' me! I'm a new follower, here on a hop. Come follow me!

  21. I use to suffer with migraines. But after I went thru the change that decreased by 98%. One of my cures an ice pack, never tried heat. Another good one was to run cold tap water over my head it really works. Hope this helps. I am following you from Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life weekend blog hop. Please follow me the poor old lady with 5 daughters and 14 grandkids. Your post made me feel like I was reading something from one of my daughters. ;) God Bless You and Yours and HAPPY EASTER

  22. cute blog!

    I just found your blog through Surfin Saturdays blog hop. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

    Amanda @

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  24. I'm going to be making Easter baskets for my 14 and 17 yo. Tons of candy and little goodies. They'll love it.

    Surfed on in and following. Please visit us at

  25. Now following you from the Bunny Hop! Have a wonderful Easter. Look forward to reading your blog! You can find me at

  26. I hope you're feeling much better. Lately I've been getting very dizzy and almost migraine-like, but I've found it corresponds to big earthquakes that are going off in the world. Strange...

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

  27. Same thing always happens to me too! I forget the names are numerous and some say almost the same except for one word here and there. So, I always come anyway just to make sure. Sometimes I will leave a comment but if I am in a rush I won't if I am already following. I will follower if someone adds like Networked Blog or Blog Frog Community and let them know I did do something. Thanks for stopping by. I think it helps anyway because does it not make the view numbers go up and that is important too if you are doing reviews/giveaways. Companies like it when they see you have alot of views. Have a great day and Happy Easter.