Saturday, May 21, 2011

pretty pretty! and armpits!

(but not together! ha ha!)
This morning was a gorgeous morning in these parts!(YAY!) So we all decided to head out and do a bit of garage sale'ing! With the weird and unpredictable(and cold) spring we had there really hasn't been much opportunity to get out there!
Anyways! I was soooo glad that we decided to go! Check out these 2 cute necklaces that i picked up!
(the little old lady that i bought them off of - $4! - said that she loved the wooden bead one, and that she bought it on a trip to Florence!)
And i loved that when i was out checking out the garden centers later I actually had someone stop me telling me it was gorgeous! woot!

And now because this photo really makes me laugh out loud...
A wonderful pic of Orangie sniffin' her armpits! (she was complaining that they were sweaty, and i said oh no! hope they're not stinky too! and well she decided to check them out...a lot! lol)


  1. I love the necklace! It's gorgeous!

    I also think I did the same armpit check this afternoon... ;)

    Thanks for joining my hop again!

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  2. lol too cute. Nice necklace :D

  3. Pit-checkin' all the time over here :P

    Adorable stuff... and girl :)

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  5. lol that is too funny! isn't it nice that you will always have a story to tell when you wear that wooden beaded necklace (hopefully you will talk about the little old woman and not orange stiffing her pitts! lol)
    btw -- i have that same sweater from old navy -- great minds! ;) Happy Sunday!

  6. Ha! So funny. Love it. Thank you for visiting Yummy Mummy last week, I'm sorry it's taken so long to follow you back - I've been super busy with this awesome giveaway (Tea Collection clothes your daughter would love!) and finally it's ending on Monday. I'm looking forward to reading more of you blog and hope you'll be back at Yummy Mummy.

  7. That is too funny!

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  8. Great finds!!

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    Be sure to join us again next weekend for another great weekend of Super Stalking!


  9. Those some really pretty necklaces, no wonder you got that nice comment in the garden centre.

    AWW that picture is cute and funny at the same time, its really made my day.

  10. Love the necklace..for $4? That's awesome.

    Stopping by from Planet Weidknecht Blog Hop.

  11. Stopping in from the We Are Canadian Blog Hop! Love good garage sale finds! And the armpit... I dread the day my girls are old enough to be 'stinky' - lol!


  12. What a fun way to spend the day! Kids are the funniest people!! I am constantly grossed out by my own:)

    Best Wishes,

  13. My daughter sniffs her pits too! New follower from the Weekend hop, Im headin to fb now!

  14. LOVE the necklaces!! Were the pits stinky?

  15. Hey! Just found you through the Canadian blog hop and I'm now following. Happy Holiday Monday!

  16. I'm Canadian too! Woohoo! found you through say hi son also does the armpit thing. kids are so weird.
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