Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday(and confession!)

Yes, it's MAY now and yes I am still rockin out the reindeer jammie fact i do wear them year round too..but they're adorable, they make me smile :)


  1. They made me smile too! Hi! Following you from the Wonder Wednesday Blog Hop. Would love it if you would 'like' my page:

  2. I love them. My favorite pajama pants are a 10+ year old winter print from Old Navy.

  3. Love 'em! Cute & comfy :)

    Thanks for linking up at Tiggerific Tuesday this week! You said you'd like to Guest host. Can you please email me to schedule it? Thanks!


  4. I love you for this!! ;) I would SO do the same thing!! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by earlier! I am definately following you now! (This post sold me on it!!!)

  5. hello look fordward to reading your blog newest follower from the hop I rock pug jammie pants

  6. JEALOUS that you are still in your PJs!!

  7. you're not alone....I have comfy penguin ones :)


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