Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ET TU kits review

At one of the breaks at SCCTO, I started chatting with Andrea of Faye Clack Communications(turns out she was sitting just behind me!). She introduced me to the wide variety ET TU kits, and well here I am writing a review!

About ET TU:
Linsey Foods has been creating Family-favourite ET TU Salad Kits for over 20 years.
From humble beginnings as a favourite menu item at a diner, our homemade Caesar was an instant hit with clientele. However, patrons simply could not get enough. To keep our loyal customers happy we packaged the individual ingredients to go, and before we knew it a family business was born. After all, the customer is always right!

This is the wonderful review kit that Andrea sent me..
I'd seen the salad kits in the grocery store before, but i admit that i'd never bought them before. As for the fish kits and the dessert kits, these were news to me! ET TU kits are fantastic because basically only the main/fresh ingredient(s) are missing! This made me jump for joy! With our busy life (kids extracurriculars!) there are a couple nights a week that i need an EASY dinner ASAP! ET TU is perfect for those nights!

Salad Kit:
My family are big fans of caesar salad, so I was eager to dig into this one! All that was needed for this kit was one head of romaine, 2 hearts, or 10oz(283g) of pre-cut romaine. Literally there are only 3 steps to the instructions. Wash lettuce and put in large bowl, Add contents of all four packages(in kit), Toss thoroughly and serve immediately! LOVE IT! So i let my daughter(11yr) make this one! :)
There was enough for 2 large portions or 6 side salads(we split it into 4 portions). The full fat version contains real crumbled bacon bits therefore making that one our favourite, but the light version was just as tasty(in fact that one was split between the mr and myself for lunch today! YUM!)

Fish Kit:
For this dinner we used the 'Citrus Dill Fish Fillets with Wild Rice Medley'. This kit says it's dinner for 2, and recommended for 2 halibut/salmon/sole fillets(350-400g total). So the mr and I made this on one of our kid-free dinner nights, but the package of fish we bought had 4 fillets in it totalling 400g so it could have been used on a night with the kids home. I found it contained enough rice for 2 adults and 2 small children, especially if using the salad kit with it! :)
But regardless, we had a big dinner that night. I loved the added touch of the sauce pouch. It said to serve beside the fish, but i decided to drizzle it across the fillets. Delicious! My only complaint is that the rice was a tad too pepper-y or overseasoned..but maybe i just had a picky palate that evening. The mr thought i was crazy, because he doesn't like much spice and he LOVED it. I would totally buy the kit again regardless. It made for a simple wonderful meal that was ready in 30 minutes! We're looking forward to trying the 'Maple Mustard Fish Fillets with Orzo Pasta' in the near future, it sounds fantastic!

Apple Crisp Kit:
This kit came at the perfect time! Who doesn't crave warm apple crisp in the fall?! This has to be one of our favourite desserts! and it's relatively healthy too! woohoo!
All this kit required was approx 7 cups of peeled/sliced apples, and 1/4 cup of melted butter, and 45 mins in the oven! Mmm.
And again, this kit had an added touch that i loved..a caramel drizzle package!
This kit got mixed reviews from us. The mr and Orangie(7 yr DD) LOVED it. In fact it had raisins in it and the mr still liked it, so that's a RAVE review! But Hero(11 yr DD) and I only kinda liked it. I honestly think that it was only because there wasn't an abundance of sugar in it like the one that i make! lol. It also could have been the apples we used too. They were a tad on the tart side. Would definitely make it again using a sweeter apple! That, and the convenience factor! As i said, we love LOVE apple crisp!

Check HERE to find out where you can buy ET TU kits!
You can also find ET TU here on Facebook!

Thank you so much to Andrea for introducing me to ET TU kits!

* i received my review kit for free in exchange for my honest opinion. Your opinion may differ.*


  1. I like the name and the varieties look great. Salad is my favorite for lunch.
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  2. I love the varieties they offer. Visiting from Wednesday Window!