Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monster Jam!

Last night Hero and the Mr headed off to check out Monster Jam with the tickets she won from the library(we love reading!!!). They had an awesome time on their little date, and were glad that they remembered to bring earplugs! lol. (gotta admit that i was kinda jealous that i missed out on this one, i remember loving it when i saw a monster truck show when i was younger...and also because they kept sending me pictures!! lol).
Here are some of the shots they sent me:

Did you see the show??


  1. nope didn't see the show.. tried to win tickets but wasn't ment to go... I survived but I heard it was good from many who went.

  2. my boys went with my husband to the pit party and had fun, but once the trucks started in the actual show.. they freaked out! LOL which is weird because one has already been to a Monster Jam show... so my husband had to take them home :(

  3. I would love to take my boys someday, they love monster trucks, but right now they are scared of loud noises. they cry over fireworks so I don't think they will be going for awhile!