Friday, January 13, 2012

Moon Dough Push N' Pop Ocean Pals - review

So I am definitely not generally a fan of playdough/sand/messy toys because we live in a rental that has a lot of carpeting. BUT when I heard from Team Mom that they had an all new dough formula(better consistency/less crumbly), I decided to give it a second chance! For this review, we chose the Moon Dough Push N' Pop Ocean Pals set! I loved the look of this set, it was different from anything we owned! I could see 'Orangie' having lots of creative playtime with this!

Moon Dough (for children ages 3 and up) has an all new dough formula! This amazing molding dough not features a better consistency for molding and is less crumbly. This no-mess dough still never dries out, so you can use it again and again! With brighter and more vibrant colors than ever before, kids will have a blast sculpting the molding dough into fun creations!

'Ocean Pals' Product Features:
* Create your own unique adventure with the new one-step Push N' Pop tools.
* You can make a variety of Ocean Pals!
* Moon Dough never dries out, so you can mold coral reefs and Ocean Pals as many times as you want!
* set includes: 3 Push N' Pop Tools, Twisty Animal Molds, 2 colours of Moon Dough, and 1 Themed Mat.
* Hypo-Allergenic
* Wheat Free!
Our Thoughts:
I was sure it was going to be just 'Orangie'(7 yr DD) playing with the set, but when we pulled it out to open it 'Hero'(11 yr DD) wanted in on the action as well!
The girls REALLY liked the texture, they agreed that it was rather marshmallow-like! And I personally loved that there was NO mess to it (wooohoooo!) and it occupied their time for almost an hour(then it was bedtime). I may have even sat and enjoyed squishing it around in my hands! :)
Buy It:
Moon Dough Push N' Pop Ocean Pals can be purchased for $9.99 at Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, Kmart,, A.C. Moore, Michaels and eToys.

*Disclosure: We received the above product, from Team Mom, to review(for free) in exchange for our honest review! Your opinion may differ!*


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