Friday, March 23, 2012

Mmm...i love tea lemonade!

Thanks so much Starbucks. You got me hooked! Hero had bought a Passion Tea Lemonade one day because her friend had ordered one and it looked cool..tween So i tried Hero's and well that's where it all started..

I have now run out of Tazo Passion Tea(i only had a few bags) i moved on to Tetley Wild Berries or Mojito or Mango Passionfruit Acai green tea or Strawberry Orange Pekoe or or ...well you get the point!

Best summer drink ever! We love to experiment with different flavours..and the kids love it too!

1) Mmmm. for this one we chose Mango Passion Acai green tea( i put 2 tea bags in about 6 cups of water? maybe. I'm sorry i don't measure..i go mainly by taste)

2) Tea has steeped for maybe a good 1/2 hr...lemonade was made but using 3 cans of water instead of the 4.

3) Mixa Mixa! (not really visable, but there is a big puddle on my counter from where the bodum didn't want to pour, and then i kinda overfilled the jug! lol)

4) Refridgerate till nice and cold, or if you're impatient like me throw in some ice and enjoy! Mmm!!

*my cute straw is glass! you can find it at Glass Dharma*


  1. This sounds yummy! All these yummy recipes that are getting posted, my "To Make List," keeps growing more and more, love it!

  2. I love the passion tea lemonade at starbucks - one of my summer go to's

  3. Ooooh..sounds great, will try making it this weekend! So you put the tea bags in cold water? or normal hot water?

  4. my two loves... tea and lemonade... sounds awesome!!

  5. You've inspired me to try something new on these hot March days. lol! Looks and sounds great

  6. I love different teas! We are serious tea drinkers here both hot and cold! Looks yum!

  7. I love the Mixa, Mixa part. Hehehe. ;) Looks good; I might actually try this one. Yum!

  8. PASSION TEA LEMONADE IS THE YUMMIEST EV-ER!! I had some yesterday while sitting OUTSIDE at Starbuck's YUM. I had just come from a manicure and pedicure, my day couldn't have been more perfect. My Grande said "PTL" on the side next to Shannon with a big smiley face. Praise The Lord I was a happy camper! PTL... get it... lol k, it was funnier in my head. :) I'm bookmarking the page, I want make it at home.

  9. I love lemonade & tea, this sounds great.


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