Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#WordlessWednesday - Getting by through #grief

It's been a long 20 days since my life was turned upside down. I may not have been happy but it was still a blindside. I am now finally coming out of the tunnel and forcing myself to pickup the pieces and find ME again. I've been missing for quite a while...I just want to stop and thank you all for the emails, messages, etc. It was so nice to hear from you, with your kinds words, and offerings of shoulders and prayers! I'm definitely not 100%, or even 85% but I'm getting there.

Here's a peek at the last week-ish or so, finding joy and trying to see little blessings etc..

1. Finding peace in little quotes on pinterest etc.
2. Georgie cat LOVED the moving boxes!
3. We had snow! and thankfully it went away again! (re: final photo...I have NO jacket or winter coat!! so stay away snow till I find something awesome at the thrift shop!)
4. Teen got a Dr.Who encyclopedia from a friend for her birthday..then they decided to kick back and watch it..i admit that I totally got sucked in!
5, 6 and 7: I got to putting new little touches up around the house. (5 is instagram prints in a frame I had, 6 is an AWESOME painting I picked up for $4!! and 7 is a sweet deal too! pic was $3 vase was $1 and dried flowers $2 so total $6!)
8. Tried out, and LOVE, Dark Roast from Tim Hortons (currently in a pilot project here in London ON, and Columbus OH)
9 and 10..back to baking and creating..LOVE!
11. I found comfort in a couple womens bible studies
12. FINALLY into the 150's!! ok, 159.9 but i'm loving it, and I did 3.5km this morning! That's 30 lbs in 1/2 a year...and hence I have no jacket/coat to keep me warm! Seriously it's like a bathrobe on me! Worth it!

Let me know if you have a Wordless Wednesday to check out! :)


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