Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#wordlesswednesday - I Finally Ran a 5K Again! (linky)

This past Sunday I did something awesome and completely spontaneous.
I signed up at 10am to run a 5km at 3pm THAT DAY.
Until the day before I hadn't run in a solid month...and even then I could only run/walk about 4km.

I learned that if I actually push myself I can totally run/walk a 5k...and I actually beat my last time from 5 years ago. Holla. I will take that 37 mins and whoop it when I run another 5k on Oct 5th! Because the feeling of encouragement and the high 5's etc as you pass other runners is incredibly awesome and addictive. I refuse to give this up again. 
Wordless Wednesday on Home of OHM
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