Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#wordlesswednesday - A Peek at my Week 01/21 (linky)

For this weeks Wordless Wednesday linky I have gone back to the "A Peek at my Week" format!
Hope you enjoy! and please link up! :)

1) Sushi - I absolutely LOVE octopus, eel, snapper, etc. So good!
2) New knit project going on! and it's super soft baby alpaca wool!
3) Dinner with friends at Martini's in Kitchener. Love this place!
4 & 5) Took Orangie to go iceskating with her Girl Guides troop. So thankful that it was a decent night, with the temp hovering just below 0.
6) Orangie has been into the polymer clay/Fimo/Sculpey lately. I love her little creations!


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