Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Peek at my Week #wordlesswednesday

What's been going on this week:
1) Reading! I've challenged myself to read 24 books this year! This is book 5. On Goodreads? Friend me!
2) Sushi datenight was last night...I never thought that I would, but i have a serious love of sashimi!
3) 30 second brownie? oh yes I did. Check out my recipe post here!
4) Oh Patchy cat..he just LOVES being all up in the kids business. In this pic he's 'doing homework' with Orangie, but he also LOVES to snuggle up w Hero to watch a movie, etc.

Next..just wanted to share Hero's first highschool art project. It's unlike the stuff she normally does. She went out of her comfort zone and I think she did fantastic! Here is the original...

And here is the final that she handed in..
Also in Hero news..she got her marks back from her first semester of grade 9..first year of highschool...and she got an 89% average! Sooooooo very proud!!

Anywho. Let me know if anything here connects with you this week..and then leave me your link so I can come visit :)


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