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I Get By With a Little Help from My Friend – *bonus giveaway*

You may have noticed that my blog and social media have been pretty quiet this week. There was a storm of chaos and emotion that came with the first week of school here. Actually it started before school even began.

“I don’t want to go to school”…that line you just push aside because really every kid says that. Then the first day came and Orangie said that she spent last recess alone just sitting on the playground. Then the second day came and this time she tried to just read out on the playground and attention was called to her, etc. Stories came out that night, and it was heartbreaking.

* I tried to start her day with a smile *

So on the third day, my ex-h and I parked ourselves in the office till we could talk about it with staff. That meeting went well and it sounded like they would try to remedy the situation. I was thankful for the school being pretty awesome and tightknit for our 5 years we’ve been there and was praying that they would really put that zero-tolerance in effect. On the fourth day, she was rather ill in my car and refusing to get out. I made the call to attendance, explained the situation and requested that I be called back asap. Because I knew that it was stress and that she wasn’t virally sick etc we managed to get her into school as first recess ended. In that meeting, we really had a good chat with Orangie and it came to light that the other kids were not fully to blame in this crazy situation. Orangie had indeed brought some of it on herself by taking the ‘just walk away’ rule a little too seriously and actually alienating her friends near the end of the last school year…and then it all just got out of hand from there with a serious lack of communication all around 🙁

So this is all a seriously shorthand recap of what went on last week…there was certainly a ripple effect into my own life too from my ex-h wanting to pull her and switch schools (which was really not something I wanted to do), to my BF questioning whether trying to buy a home in this neighbourhood was even the right choice. Then there was dealing with my work, which is understaffed, and me suddenly having to leave/be late/or not make it at all! This was the first time where severe stress actually made me break out in a VERY itchy rash!! (WHAT?!)

This whole situation made me really think about friendships and how important they are whether it be grade 6 or when you’re 36. It was heartbreaking to have her so excited to throw a birthday when school was back in, to a few days later saying ‘Mom, I have no one to invite”. (we have since invited 12 kids for this Friday’s bash..where I hope that I can help reconnect some old friendships and foster some new ones!)

In all this, I was so thankful that I had a few good friends that I knew that I could count on. They listened, they offered advice, one work friend actually had Orangies teacher when she was young and assured me that she was very warm, caring and would definitely make things better! On the very worst of days, I knew that if my bestie was home I could just pop in for a quick vent session. Sitting on her porch that day just letting it all out was just what I needed. And I hope that our coffee and jigsaw puzzle date yesterday was just what she needed. And tonight is once again Wednesday…the night that I put aside every week to have girlfriends over and just relax. Where we can sip some coffee, or share some wine, watch a movie, and cry or laugh over the weeks events in our lives.

Good friends are just so very important.
They keep us going.

So I want you to find some time, even just half an hour, and get together with a friend.
Have a coffee and just listen, share, and enjoy.

And if you’re lucky, that coffee will be on us!
One lucky reader will win a $10 (CDN) Starbucks GC!

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