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Guests coming? Easy! with Mr Clean’s #15minreno! #PGmom #giveaway

Lately, I’ve been working some crazy hours, and well the housework has been slipping. Add in the challenge of Thanksgiving guests stopping in and I’m in panic mode! Cue the Mr.Clean #15minreno’s!

Breaking things down into more manageable bits is key, and you can bet that it makes it easier to recruit the kids to help! Magic Erasers are fun and easy to use. The kids instantly took to the idea of maximizing our cleaning into a fifteen-minute challenge. They certainly seem to believe that less is more. 😉

Start at the front door and play a little game of I Spy to spot the trouble areas that your guests might see that you don’t really want the guests seeing! I like having the littles looking low and the bigger kids looking higher so we catch it all!

With a busy house full of family and pets, household cleanup never takes a holiday! But with these two simple Mr. Clean products the work is so much easier! Mr.Clean Magic Erasers help to clean up tricky little spots of dirt and grime. From baseboards to railings and walls to door knobs – everything begins to sparkle. Adding just a pre-measured squeeze (no measuring, so easy!) of Mr.Clean Liquid Muscle concentrate to some hot water makes that mop work even harder on the entry way floor.

Within minutes, the foyer begins to shine. The teen slips ahead of me with a new Extra Power Magic Eraser. She helps to push our #15minreno’s into the main living area. Dirt and grime rapidly disappear. Even textured surfaces and hard to reach places quickly become clean. It doesn’t get any easier – just wet and erase that dirt and grime! I feel the panic easing when I realize that we will actually be finished in time for the guests to arrive.

I move into the bathroom with the Liquid Muscle and mop. Things are coming together faster than I would have ever expected. (Now if only I could keep the cats off the freshly cleaned floors!) This #15minreno is almost complete. The light fresh scent of Liquid Muscle fills the house.

The panic subsides as we finish cleaning up on time. Our guests arrive and comment that we must have been cleaning for hours! I let them in on our little secret that it was all quick and easy thanks to teamwork and a Mr.Clean #15minreno!

Enter to win a Mr. Clean #15minreno prizepack!
Contains $50 VISA GC and $50 in Mr Clean Liquid Muscle and Magic Erasers!
(Canada only. Ends Oct 27th at 11:59pm EST)

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