American Food Explained

American food does not exist in the way Chinese, Thai, or Mexican food does.That is just because America is a relatively young country formed by immigrants. Those immigrants popularized their favorite foods. Nowadays, there is a brilliant fusion of those cuisines. In America you can eat Americanized General Tao chicken one day and fajitas the next. Most American Chinese food doesn’t even exist in China.

In my home-city, Philadelphia, we are most famous for the ‘Philadelphia Cheesesteak’. It is a simple sandwich of thinly sliced rib-eye beef seared on both sides. A bread roll, onions, peppers, and cheese are usually added.

Philadelphia’s most famous restauranteur, Stephen Starr, is responsible for more than a dozen trendy restaurants. At Continental, a 1960’s style diner I ordered the lobster Mac & Cheese.

Another night I tried an Irish bar next door to my apartment, Fado’s. At the Irish bar I ordered some Guinness BBQ chicken wings and a light German beer. BBQ wings are a typical meal served with celery and blue cheese dip.

Another afternoon I visited Max Brenner for the S’mores Concoction marshmallow fluff, milk chocolate mousse, graham crackers, caramelized bananas. This is a new take on a classic summer treat of roasted marshmallows sandwiched in between chocolate and graham crackers.

American food is varied. While a rip-off of other cuisines, it does the job well. I would easily prefer the food in America over any other in the world if I had to eat it every day.

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