Great family days out in Menorca for your next holiday

January 12, 2020

When looking to slow down the pace a little, Menorca is an excellent choice for a family holiday. Compared to the other Balearic islands it is the quieter more relaxed destination when you compare it to Ibiza or Mallorca, yet with all the Mediterranean beautiful views and climate.

Yet quiet and relaxed does not mean that there is nothing for the family to do. There are some great ways to experience the Menorquin way of life and have quality time with your loved ones too.

Bring Menorcan food and drink to life with a visit to a farm

If you love food then Menorca has some great gastronomic delights, and the different types of meats and cheeses are definitely something that you should try during your visit.

However the best way to truly understand these delicacies is to go and see for yourself how they are made with at Subaida Minorca. This farm has been making cheese since the thirties, and the estate has been in the family for generations and they offer guided tours and food and wine tastings. You can really get a feel for rural Menorca and see where the animals are lovingly raised and how the cheese is made and how the menorquin sausages are cured, and of course get to try some of the delights on offer.

The estate itself is beautiful and a great place to spend a couple of hours with the family. It is in the Georgian style from the mid-19th century and the 865 acres surrounding the main farm are a mixture of forests and grain fields where corn and hay is grown to feed the animals.

They are committed to sustainable farming and the environment, with the cows eating from the pastures and providing fertiliser, and the pigs eating whey bi-products from the cheesemaking and acorns from the forest.

There are a couple of different tours on offer for families, and the children will love seeing the baby calves and understanding how the farm works.

Get out on the sea to see the island from a whole new perspective

The Menorquin coastline is absolutely stunning, all 216 km miles of it. Gorgeous beaches and inspiring coastal landscapes all set in a turquoise blue sea look even better from the ocean. There are a few options that are great for families looking for a different day out.

You could try kayaking, and there are some great tours that will take you to some of the beautiful sea caves and coves. You could even take the opportunity to try a little snorkelling. Alternatively if you would prefer to keep a little dryer and want something a bit more chilled then there are any number of boat tours that are well worth checking out too. There are some beautiful, world famous sunsets here and how better to watch it than with your family from the deck of a sailing boat on the peaceful and calm sea.

Spend a day in the historic city of Ciutadella

Ciutadella was the one time capital of commerce in Menorca, and while this is no longer the case it is a beautiful face to go and explore with the family. Set on the west coast of the island, there has been a town here for hundreds of years, and has a quaint fishing and leisure port and of course some great restaurants on the waterfront where you can get some excellent seafood.

The main square, known as Placa d’es Born is very picturesque, and at one time was a marching ground for the army stationed here after the Turkish invasion of the island in the 1500’s. You will find an obelisk here in memorial to those that died or were sold into slavery during the invasion. There are also excellent examples of gothic architecture in the Cathedral and also later architecture.

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