8 random travel adventures to do summer

Traveling is fun. There are a lot of people who like to travel – myself included. While travelling in itself can be quite the adventure, sometimes it’s nice to have a little twist that spices the whole experience up. Spontaneity works well for adding that needed spice, but not everyone can just be spontaneous. That’s perfectly okay though, because these 8 travelling-adventure ideas should be able to help you out; you can take them as they are written here or use these ideas as inspiration to come up with some cool travel-adventure ideas of your own!

Pick any location on the opposite side of your country

Pick a city or a spot that’s on the other side of the country from you and then go. How you get there doesn’t matter. You can get there by driving, flying, biking, or walking, though I suggest flying or driving, especially if you live in a big country like the United States. You can still walk or bike from east coast to west coast, and that can be an adventure in itself.

Travelling across your own country is breathtaking and a good learning experience. We all know that different parts or regions of a country are not the same. However, there’s a difference between knowing that and experiencing it. For example, many regions in a country have their own accent and slang. In a lot of cases, the part of the country furthest from you will be so different you’ll swear you’re in a different country!

Take a yacht somewhere

You don’t necessarily have to be rich enough to own your own yacht to do this. If you can get a group of friends or several families together, you all can rent your own yacht. This is called chartering a yacht. I didn’t know that was possible to be honest, but it is – chartering a yacht is essentially renting the boat to go sailing to a location of yours (or someone else’s) choosing. Some of the best places to sail in the entire world is Greece and Croatia. Greece can get crowded – because its often labeled as the best of the best – so Croatia is a solid alternative. In fact, Croatia has been labelled the best up-and-coming sailing location. Why not explore the options available to embark on your own ocean adventure with a beautiful yacht charter in Croatia.

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Go to an event in the next city/town/county over

Going to an event in just the next city or town over can seem like a tame and very conservative from a travelling approach, and in truth, it is. You’d be surprised just how much happens in the town or city over from yours. We often get sucked into what’s going on in our little sliver of the world. It’s surprisingly easy to forget that every city or town has its charm. Even if a town or city is “close” to you, I can guarantee you that it is not the exact carbon copy of yours. Make exploring that hidden charm a fun little adventure. In fact, don’t stop there; keep hopping from town to town, attending special events!

Pick a major road and drive it from end to end

The road doesn’t need to be an interstate; not that I don’t recommend picking an interstate, because taking an interstate from end to end can be a fabulous adventure itself. We often drive the same roads home, to school, to work, and common places like the grocery store. Rarely do we have the need to drive a major road from end to end, and this is what can make doing it such a great adventure. Often times, major roads flow from one town/city/county to the next; some, like highway 50, span the entire US. Some people might be a little intimidated doing this because major roadways change names so often. If you stick to just following the route number, and keeping your car filled up with gas, you’ll be fine!

Visit the capitol of your state/province

Visiting the capitol of your state or province can prove a real cultural experience! If you’ve never been to the capitol of your state or province, then this is a great way to learn firsthand about the place you live. Even if you’ve been to the capitol (or live there), you can rediscover it. Doing research on the various activities happening in your capitol helps. You’ll probably find that a lot of cool and obscure events are not so visibly advertised. Once you know the capitol of your state like the back of your hand, try taking it one step up and visiting the capitol of your country.

Do research on the “best restaurant” in the biggest city of your country and go

restaurant 449952 640Finding the best restaurant isn’t just for the foodies out there. Who doesn’t like an excellent meal away from the home? Different cities across a country often have their own specialty dishes. For example, Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizzas and southern Texas is known for its Tex-mex menus. The city with the highest population in your country will more than likely have several “best restaurants,” for different cuisines. My advice is to try them all.

If you’re wary about trying new food or you prefer sticking to chains when you travel, that’s fine. A lot of the time the biggest city in your country will have restaurant chains that other cities might not. Checkout the menu online, hit up the unfamiliar chain, and enjoy!

Pick a big national park, go hiking and/or camping

This is an adventure contained within an adventure! Depending on how far a big national park is from you, just getting there can prove quite the adventure. Parks are pretty, but national (or state) parks are absolutely beautiful. National parks are solid picks for a great hike or camping trip.

A good thing to have for camping is an RV, but it’s definitely not a necessity.

Get a tattoo from another country

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Excellent tattoo artists live across the globe. I highly suggest doing research on what you want as a tattoo (keep in mind, they’re permanent) and look for an artist who can do the style you want. The research is important because the best artists across the globe often have a waitlist!

Don’t let any of that deter you though. You can certainly find good artists anywhere in another country. Plus, a tattoo is an amazing way to memorize a trip, especially a trip to another country. The tattoo will have good memories for you and serve as a story to tell in the form of art on your own body! Not much is cooler than that.

If any of these ideas seem too tame or too predictable for you, that’s okay! If all of these ideas seem a little risky or crazy to you, that’s okay too! You can modify the ideas to a level you see fit for your own travels.

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