5 DIY Tips To Improve Your Home This Summer

With summer approaching and lockdowns easing, it’s that time of year where DIY projects begin to grow in popularity. Spring is the time where weather begins to set the stage for some DIY, so your home can shine in all its summer glory. With that in mind, here are five tips to help keep you on track with your DIY projects.

1: Budgeting and tools

At its core, DIY is all about self-sufficiency and saving money. However, if you look to companies like Boels, you can hire your tools instead of forking out thousands – which would defeat the point of your DIY.  Not only is this cheaper but it means you can complete a wider variety of tasks that rely on a range of tools.

For example, Boels ladder hire could allow you to paint the ceilings whilst also getting a high powered drill to secure the gazebo in the garden so it doesn’t blow away.

2: Make use of free pallets 

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and many other community sites are often inundated with free wooden pallets. Pallets of wood are incredibly simple to work with and versatile to use, making them ideal for summer DIY. 

A great example of this is building an outdoor seating space with them, which can be built in an afternoon yet seat up to 10 people (or however big you want to make it). Making it a corner sofa with a coffee table is easy too, all you’ll have to buy is the screws and some cushions – and wood varnish if you don’t like the pallet colour. Alternatively, scaffolding pallets can be used to make benches.

3: Keeping the home cool

Keeping the home cool in summer is important and it can be extended into your DIY adventures, too. For example, putting plenty of plants around the windows will help absorb a lot of the light as the plants use this energy, which protects it from heating up the room.

Putting up your own sun blocking curtains is also vital too. In fact, you can put a bucket of water under them so the water seeps up the fabric, and then place a fan nearby. This will use the water to help cool the room extremely well.

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4: Outdoor gym

If you’re looking to exercise for this year’s summer bod but aren’t yet comfortable with heading back to contaminated gyms – or they’re still closed where you live – then building a DIY home gym can be great fun.

With just two broad buckets, cement, and some 2x4s, you can easily build a squat rack to hold a barbell (just be careful regarding its stability). Furthermore, dip bars can be secured into your soil with 4x4s, and can even be extended into pull up bars or monkey bars for the children. This is a relatively fun way to get practising your woodworking skills and reap endless health benefits.

5: Know your limits

DIY is intended to improve your home, not damage it (or yourself). It’s important to know what skills are within reach and can be learnt, and which you’re not yet ready for. For example, the fundamental electrics of a house are very dangerous and are not something to be experimented with. Wiring plugs and your own handheld gadgets, on the other hand, is low-risk.

It’s good to learn more skills, but just be aware of the potential damage you can cause if you make a mistake and factor that in with the cost of using a handyman.

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