5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Family Skiing in La Plagne

Skiing is ranked as one of the most common family activities in the 21st century as families look to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and the rather mundane life of the suburbs. However, is there a ski resort where you can genuinely relish a flawless holiday or vacation with your family while still embracing that skiing spirit? There definitely is and La Plagne is just the place for you.

As one of the most acclaimed ski resorts on the globe, if you are a skiing family this is definitely the place to go. La Plagne is part of the Paradiski’s ski located in the Tarentaise’s alpine valley, Rhone-Alpes, France. This majestic and wonderful ski resort is genuinely top-notch.

So, is it worth taking your family skiing in La Plagne? A resounding yes! And here’s why:

  1. Location

You can be sure that by booking a skiing holiday at La Plagne, you’ll get so much more! La Plagne is situated in one of the most beautiful spots in the whole of Europe let alone France. Located at altitudes of between 1,250 (10,660 ft) meters and 3,250 (4,100 ft) meters with a 100 km2 ski area, the place affords visitors a spectacular and dazzling view. You also get to stay in a resort with irresistible exquisiteness.

What’s more, the place is endowed with wildlife. This remarkable resort borders the even more spectacular Parc national de la Vanoise which houses incredible European Wildlife including the Ibex, marmots, mouflon chamois and the like. As if that’s not enough, how about waking up with a full view of the breathtaking alpine peaks? Nothing really beats that. Furthermore, due to the sheer amount people that visit the resort, this is the best place to meet, interact and connect with other skiing families from around the globe, which is always great!

  1. Something for Everyone

With 100 km2 ski area, there’s a reason why La Plagne receives 2.5 million visitors annually. This is basically the Disneyland of skiing with everyone catered for including your children. The resort is perfect for children with some ski areas designated specifically for them. And, there are ski experts readily available for anything your kids might need. In addition, La Plagne offers variety, it has 134 slopes with a combined distance of 225km giving you all the skiing distance you might need, through glaciers and forests too.

La Plagne is also perfect for beginners. The resort offers beginners mini ski lifts and coded runs to accommodate them. The staff also ensures that the slopes are absolutely stellar with round-the-clock maintenance, and spacious and wide runs. In the sweet spirit of sharing, La Plagne caters for pro skiers of all levels by availing 9 green, 72 blue, 19 black, and 30 red levels. There is plenty to choose from at La Plagne. If you and your family are in for an adventure packed holiday, you can take to skiing in the many backcountry trails that the resort avails, although some of these might need some level of expertise or at least an expert guide.

If you just want to have fun, head to the snow park that’s located beyond Belle-Plagne where your family can all ski safely with the backup of a big air safety bag, halfpipe, tables and super half-pipe among other safety measures. With all that, you get to try out some hair-raising moves without worrying too much about hurting yourself. All in all, there’s something for everyone.

  1. There’s More to Just Skiing

Want more fun? In addition to skiing, the resort has plenty to offer you. What makes La Plagne so glorious is that skiing is just one of the ways you can have fun as a family in the resort. You can also hire mountain-bikes and go riding on the slopes surrounded by incredible scenery. If that doesn’t do it for, you maybe a sightseeing tour on a helicopter will. Or, you can fly with zip wires over the rope adventure park. Maybe quad biking is your thing, or water rafting or ice skating, no? Well, there’s more, La Plagne offers paragliding, dog-sledding, swimming, ice-skating, hydrospeeding, and other family-fun activities as well as individual activities.

One particularly major family attraction at the resort is the ‘Funslope’, Europe’s lengthiest playground slope. It’s an amazing, sleek and wonderfully constructed slope where your whole family can have fun skiing, sledding or doing anything they want. The Vanoise Express, one of the cable cars that link Les Arc and La Plagne, is also a source of spine-tingling fun. The express contains two glass-floor cabins that pass through the Tunnel of Inversens giving revelers an incredible heavenly view with serene sound experience and amazing lighting. The cabins are fascinating and will whet the appetite for more fun as they skew to Plagne Bellecote or Belle Plagne.

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  1. Convenient

Don’t let the number of visitors to La Plagne deter you. All the processes at the resort run at a first-rate level of efficiency. For smooth movement throughout the ski area, La Plagne employs fast cable cars including the Vanoise Express, the biggest and one of the fastest cable cars in the globe linking Les Arcs and La Plagne- a distance it covers in not more than 4 minutes at a speed of 25mph. Additionally, movement in the resort is also by eased by 31 chair lifts, 30 drag lifts, and 10 gondolas among others.

La Plagne’s convenience is not limited to movement. Are you a foodie? Or do you want to sample new dishes and cuisines with your family? If yes, this truly is where you belong. La Plagne has numerous restaurants that serve world-renowned cuisines and unbelievably delightful local delicacies. There’s nothing like eating in the Alps! With spectacular lighting and an incredibly welcoming and hospitable staff, your cravings will be totally satisfied. Hearty and delicious dishes famous globally like Fondue raclette cheese and tartiflette are readily available, prepared by revered chefs just for your pleasure.

  1. Some Grown Up Fun

For the adults, La Plagne has numerous pubs, nightclubs, and bars at your service in the different villages of the resorts. Dance the night away after a hectic day, listen to the mellow music at the concerts or sing your heart out at karaoke. It’s no wonder they say every day is Christmas at La Plagne. When the children are asleep at the plush accommodations offered by the resort, you can sneak away for one or two beers at the late-night bars that are available throughout the La Plagne’s villages.

The reasons why you should bring your family to La Plagne are as varied as they are many. This is truly one magical place.

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