Apps A New Mom Should Get

There’s no doubt that being a new mom is going to be the challenge of your life, albeit a very rewarding one. But you want to go in armed for bear, and in today’s world that means apps! There are apps out there that will make your life as a new mommy a whole lot easier, and we are going to list a few for you.


First off, make sure you get some sort of a Mobile Antivirus on that phone. Unfortunately in this day and age phones getting hacked and spied on is a real thing, and you need to be protected. Not to mention, as a new mom, you’re not going to have time to properly deal with an infected phone, so get something like from this Free Android Mobile Security Download today.


Now for all the fun stuff. First order of priority is going to be something like a to-do app. Wunderlist tops the list (!) for us because it’s a to-do app specifically designed for new mothers. And you may think you don’t need this, you have a mind like a steel trap, etc. especially if you’re a first time mommy, but just trust is on this one. You need this, badly!


Another one that’s highly useful is called Pocket. Pocket basically allows you to store things you come across inside the app so you can read them later without having to go back and search for them and remember when you left them. You can imagine its usefulness in a situation where you could get interrupted at any time! Just store it in the pocket and when you have more time it’s now easily accessible for you.


Definitely also get a good ebook reader, either Nook or Kindle depending on your preference. This will be one of the only “productive” things you will be able to do consistently for quite a while.


Last but definitely not least, there is an app called Baby Connect. There are tons of baby tracker apps out there, but this one is king. It allows you to track important information about the baby, such as sleep and feeding cycles etc. This is one of those apps that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.


Get all of this stuff above though, seriously. If there isn’t room on your phone, make room for it. These tools in particular are all but indispensable to the new mom.

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