What Makes Byron Bay a Top Schoolies Location

The anticipation of exams has come and gone along with the exams themselves and now it’s time for the schoolies to party. Schoolies week is a time when stressed teenagers have gotten through with their exams and the stresses related to them and are looking forward to a week of sun, sand and surf along with parties.

Now there are a lot of locations that schoolies can choose from, but one stands out in particular, Byron Bay.

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There are Events and Festivals Aplenty

Byron bay is known for a multitude of events that happen all year round. A few of them worth mentioning are the Byron Bay Film festival, Nimbin Mardigrass, Splendour in the Grass, Byron Bay Bluefest and more. But the more relevant ones are those happening after mid-November when it is peak schoolies season.

You have a load of karaoke sessions from Krappyokee at middle pub, Homemade Jam, a number of Open Mic Nights and more. So there’s a lot of music and food to look forward to. You may even make it to Marshall Okell’s (Solo) performance at the Great Northern Hotel if you hold on to the beginning few days of December.

Famous Personalities

If you would like to meet famous people in Byron Bay, there are plenty you may just come across. There’s the world renowned Crocodile Dundee and Jack Johnson that you may be able to meet when spending schoolies here at Byron Bay. One of the newest people to be added to the list is Tommy Franklin, a Busker from the streets who performed and wowed audiences in Australia’s Got Talent for a short period of time.

If you’re into rock and metal music, you may have heard about local bands Parkway Drive and the 50 Lions. They might also be there, so head on out this next Schoolies Week to Byron Bay for a chance to meet these famous personalities.


When you book your Byron Bay Schoolies trip from, you can concentrate on nailing that year 12 exam. You’ll have a secure spot in Byron Bay Schoolies week as you will get a chance to experience one of the most uniquely Byron experiences. Whether it’s a street performer or artist, you will be able to see why Byron Bay is truly the locale of self-expression.

What’s a schoolies week without your friends? Boring, that’s what. So get your friends along and enjoy yourselves after a stressful and gruelling exam session. Work hard, party harder, right?

Sand Sun and Surf

It wouldn’t be much of a Byron Bay without sand, sun and surf, now, would it? When you make it to Byron Bay for schoolies, you can get your tan on or surf to your heart’s content in the clear blue waters here.

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There are a whopping 9 beaches here that are perfect for surfing or getting that tan on. Plus, you can get to “The Pass” which is close to a world renowned lighthouse. This is also a perfect location to catch a few big waves.

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