My Thoughts on My Latest Pair of Ray Bans

Ray-Ban is iconic, there is no doubt about it, the brand hails from Italy and is considered to be one of the highest fashion and luxury brands in the world today. Ray-Ban’s exude a sense of taste and attention to detail, they provide performance and aesthetics, they indicate a certain level of sophistication and quality.

Ray-Ban is comprised of years of refinement and culture and Ray-Ban sunglasses are definitely in demand. Those who aspire to be classy, unique and stylish will always gravitate toward the brand.

The brand is name-dropped by rappers in different tracks and it is worn by celebrities and officials of different governments alike. Ray-Ban sunglasses are timeless and are respected as such by many across the world.

The traveler and the business individual wears these sunglasses, it works with various outfits, it gets the job done and it exceeds expectations.

I want to write today about my experience with a recent pair of Ray-Bans, I want to talk a little bit about why I like it and why I think is unique. I can tell you right now that I wasn’t disappointed and you likely won’t be disappointed either if you were to pick them up.

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My Classic Aviator Variation

I picked up the Ray-Ban RB3561 pair from a few weeks ago. Let me describe the pair, it’s very similar to the aviators except it is about more squared as opposed to rounded. It still exudes the iconic Ray-Ban look and feel and so I was comfortable with the purchase. The shades have dark tinted shades and gold color frames.

The best part is that they fit like a glove.

I’ve been wearing them as I go out, shop and go about my regular activities. I keep them in my case to keep them protected and take them out whenever I need them.

The company was founded in 1937 but it still hasn’t compromised on quality, at least that’s what I have seen with this pair of shades. They are durable, sturdy and they feel stylish and functional.

I sometimes make the mistake of purchasing sunglasses that are too big for me because I focus on the style as opposed to my face shape and the construct of the sunglasses themselves. I usually regret those decisions because they either slid off the bridge of my nose or they feel too tight.

I’ve never really had size issues with Ray-Ban, I usually am able to optimize for quality, fit, function and comfort, which is pretty, pretty, pretty good (as Larry David would say in Curb Your Enthusiasm) because I’m able to have to have the best of everything in one pair of sunglasses.

I expect these shades to last me for a while and I don’t expect issues that I have had with other sunglasses such as the lenses falling out or the screws loosening over time.

Ray-Ban and company have me as a customer for a very long time, I may not buy frequently but when I do, I’ll surely be buying Ray-Bans.

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