Amazon to Bring Small Tea Growers into its Global Selling Platform

Amazon’s Global Selling Platform is a wonderful idea for people who wish to export or introduce their good globally. With the Global Selling Platform, selling of goods in the International market becomes quite simple and easy. With Amazon, you can grow your business fast in other countries, introduce your brand and product to lakhs of customers in the whole world. As per reports, Amazon operates over 11 Global Marketplaces, so, it will be a fantastic platform for you to introduce and popularize your product. Also, Amazon Coupons can be used to avail great discounts on a varied range of products available at one of the biggest e-commerce giants.

Recently it’s been in the news that Amazon is likely to bring small tea planters into its Global Selling Platform. It is the great opportunity for tea planters to introduce themselves and sell best quality tea leaves in the International Market. This became possible only because of Amazon’s Global Selling Platform, otherwise, it might not be possible for small tea farmers to sell their tea in the International Market and that too at a genuine price.

This initiative by Amazon will be a large help for the farmers. They don’t have to depend on the middlemen for selling of their produce. They can directly sell their produce on Amazon. This will also be helpful for those small tea farmers who don’t have much property and produce less quantity of tea. They can directly sell their product on Amazon’s Global Selling Platform irrespective of the quantity they produce.

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How to sell on Amazon’s Global Selling Platform?

To sell your products on Amazon’s Global Selling Platform, all you need to do is to follow the four simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First, you need to decide what to sell and where

Step 2: Register yourself on Amazon i.e. you can register using your email id. Then, List out your products

Step 3: Choose your fulfillment method i.e. you can choose from different services for shipping of products and fulfilling international orders on Amazon.

Step 4: Manage your business on your own. You need to manage customer support, returns and service.

With these four simple steps, you can become a registered seller on Amazon. In case of any query and support, you can directly refer to Amazon’s Help and Support section, as they will surely help you out.

Amazon is offering the following benefits to the sellers and can take their business at the International level:

Discounted Referral Fees for bulk orders: Sellers can sell their product in bulk quantities and in return Amazon will provide them with low referral fees on selected categories.

Business Price and Quantity Discounts Particularly Targeted for Business Customers: Sellers can offer bulk discounts and best pricing particularly to business customers.

Single Selling Account: Amazon also offers a Single Selling Account to the sellers which in turn help them to manage their inventory and product listings for customers.

Total control of Pricing, Brand and Messaging: Amazon provides the seller with full control of messaging i.e. from an individual product detail page, to its brand’s store on Amazon. With the help of this, the seller now has the chance to show the customers their products with the help of important and genuine content and product related videos.

Amazon Customer Service: Amazon offers world class customer care service to its customers through telephone and email to resolve the issues faced by the customers.

So, according to me, it’s a great initiative by Amazon to bring forward small tea growers and bring their produce in front of the whole world i.e. in the Global Market.

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