Are You Getting Your Needed Sleep?

Lack of sleep is a serious problem among today’s Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a third of adults aren’t getting as much sleep as they should. You might expect that overloaded work schedules are to blame, but the same study revealed that 65 percent of employed individuals had a healthy sleep duration, compared to 60 percent of those who were unemployed, and 51 percent of respondents who were unable to work.

Sleep habits also vary by state. Residents in the southeastern United States and the Appalachian Mountains get less sleep than those in other parts of the country. These areas also exhibit a higher prevalence of chronic health conditions and obesity. This may not be a coincidence. People who get less sleep have a higher risk of developing diabetes, experiencing problems with inflammation, and having heart problems. Sleep is also good for your mental health. One sleepless night may leave you irritable for a day, but a string of them can lead to anxiety and depression.

If you’re not getting the sleep you need, it’s worthwhile to step back and explore the causes behind this issue. Stressors like financial trouble or family problems can easily keep you up at night. The wrong environment can make things difficult as well. Is your bedroom too hot or too cold due to a poorly maintained HVAC system? Are you struggling with the discomforts of poor air quality or a room with too much noise and light? Learn more about the hazards that could keep you up at night with this infographic.

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