Best First Cars to Buy Your Teenager

We all remember our first cars and the freedom we felt behind the wheel for the first time. Now, as parents, we have a whole different view of that first-car freedom, and it actually feels pretty stifling. This fun time for our kids is a scary and scarily-expensive time for us. Luckily, there are a lot of cars  available today that are not only ultra-affordable, but come with so many special features that make them super safe for our kids to take off in.

A best first car for your teenager should be one that’s first and foremost safe, followed by being affordable to purchase and drive. Comfortable and hip new features will keep your teen happy, which will keep you happy.

Here are a few best first cars to buy for your teenager if you’re looking for something that will impress him and his friends while taking some of the worry away from you every time he grabs the keys and leaves.

Chevy Sonic

For a subcompact car, this one really stands out from the rest when it comes to safety and comfort features. You’ll get a forward collision warning system and a lane departure warning system, both standard. A rearview camera is available as an additional option. It also comes with a tilt a telescopic steering wheel, which isn’t usually available in this class of cars. When it comes to safety, the Sonic was given the best rating of Good in all evaluations by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and a perfect five-star rating in overall safety in an evaluation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Your teen will love the sleek, modern look and powerful feel of this Chevy, while you’ll love the price, safety and reliability.

Honda Fit

Your teen will be able to fit all of his stuff in this small but roomy car. A 4-door design makes it easy to take friends along, while the rear seat folds down and creates enough room to make it comparable to a subcompact SUV with almost 53 cubic feet of cargo space. Your teen will be safer while driving thanks to a rearview camera that’s standard on all models. You’ll have to pay extra for the Honda LaneWatch blind spot monitor, but it just might be worth it for your teen. Because of its excellent safety, reliability and expert review ratings as well as its low cost, the 2016 Fit was awarded both the Best Subcompact Car for the Money as well as the Best Hatchback for the Money by U.S. News.

Ford Fiesta Hatchback

The most affordable car for your teen on this list is the Fiesta Hatchback. You can get into one brand new at under $14,000. You’ll also get an impressive average of 35 mpg on the highway to save money every time you drive. This sleek 2-seater hatchback fits up to 4 passengers, and also has plenty of room in the back for shopping sprees or sports equipment hauling for after-school or weekend outings. Fords are so affordable when it comes to maintenance, so this car can be an easy one to keep running for years and years. This makes it a really smart investment in your teen’s future.

Honda Accord

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These are a favorite vehicle each and every year, for teen drivers and adults alike. This means your teen will want to hold onto this car well into her future. The reliable Honda engine means your teen probably won’t have unexpected car troubles that can lead to dangerous situations. Fun features like a USB and Pandora-compatible audio system interface, 12-volt power outlets, and a touchscreen will really impress your teen and his friends. Safety isn’t compromised in this “top safety pick” of the Insurance Institute for HIghway Safety (IIHS) with optional lane-departure warning, forward-collision warning, collision-mitigation braking and lane-departure mitigation. While you won’t get all those new features on an older model Accord, these care are definitely solid, reliable and safe to drive no matter what generation they are, and no matter what generation your driver is from.

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