Hiring Plants to Suit Sydney’s Seasons

Hiring plants can be the best thing to happen to your home or office. This is because they not only provide closure to nature that most of us crave as well as the greenery in our environment, but they also clean up the air as well. Sydney’s seasons change a bit differently than the rest of the world, primarily because we’re in the southern hemisphere, meaning that when it’s summer in other parts of the world it’s winter here, and vice versa.

The advantage of Plant Hire for Different Seasons

This is where plant hiring becomes most useful. Since you can hire the plant’s you don’t need to worry as much about maintaining them and when the seasons are changing, you can just switch to a more season-appropriate plant to liven up your space.

Camellias Brighten up the Winters

All throughout Autumn and Winters, you will see that there are these beautiful flowering plants bearing Camellias which make for a spectacular view. These were introduced fairly early in Australia and have since then have been a part of many gardens especially during the two seasons mentioned. But that may not be the case anymore for some of the rarer ones.

That’s because some of the species of Camellias are quite rare. So it might not be that easy finding one of those rare ones for hire.

Some of the flowers and plants of the species, however, are adaptable and quite easily grown. They start to appear in about early spring and grow throughout winters. They can be found in old gardens and parks, growing unattended. But they do add to the beauty of the areas where they grow.

Not Just Camellias, Other Plants Liven Up the Indoor Space

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There are other plants like Jasmine, Palm and more that you can hire from The Plant Man that will likely add to your home or your office’s beauty. Not only that, it may also help you get rid of toxic substances in the air like VOCs or volatile organic compounds that are present in new wood flooring, carpets as well as paint.

These things can make you fall sick over time and are known to cause problems like dizziness and headache and sore throats as well as irritated eyes. Some of these compounds can also lead to depressions if you are exposed for a long time to them.

Plants are a Natural Defence Against VOCs in All Seasons

Regardless of what the current season is, there are some plants that can help to remove most of the toxins from the air, leaving it better for human consumption, so that our indoor public spaces, homes and offices are better protected and safer to live in.

Plants like Aglaonemas and Bamboo palms are some of the well-known plants that can improve your indoor environment and make it cleaner so that it is better to live in. Plus, with these plants, a whole new perspective is added to the atmosphere and ambience of your home and office making your family members and employees believe you care about them and their health.

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