How To Liven Up Your Decor On A Post Christmas Budget

Well, if you are anything like me, you might be feeling a little stunned to find that it is 2019 and Christmas is already behind us.  After all the preparation, shopping and celebrating with family and friends, for those of us lucky enough to have spent our time this way; I realized it was time for me to start tidying up and getting back into the normal swing of things.  As I was going from room to room in my home, repositioning the furniture and packing the Christmas decorations safely away for next year, I started to think how it would a great opportunity to change a few things and freshen up my decor.  Of course, after all the expenses of Christmas my budget was pretty stretched, so I immediately ruled out any large and costly items.  But I was still inspired by the idea of spicing things up a little and it came to me that I don’t really need a new lounge suite or to repaint the walls or change all the linen in my bedroom.  All those things are still in very good condition and I like them! A much easier and less expensive option was to change up the cushions with some bright new colours and designs; and pretty quickly I was imagining a mix and match theme for the lounge and some soft luxurious textures and colours for the bedroom.

pexels photo 164595

And so the hunt began! I did an online blitz of soft furnishings and it was time well spent, I must say.  There are so many beautiful cushions available and some of my very favourites are at  I loved the soft pastels in faux fur for my bedroom – these are so inviting and sumptuous and look stunning teamed with rich velvets and velvet linens; such an opulent feel!  Then there are all the bold geometric and floral designs which work wonders to lift the plain colour of my sofa and they work really well with the textured knits and cotton cushions.  In a very short space of time I had decided on my absolute ‘must haves’ and my burst of inspiration continued. ‘What about my outdoor furniture?’  Since the inside rooms were taken care of I decided on a few little extras for the outdoor chairs and sofa as well.  A few scattered black and white tribal designs are just perfect for my outdoor setting and I love that the fabrics are Water Resistant and UV Repellent; perfect for all seasons.  I am so pleased with the outcome and delighted to have an economical do-over to kick off the New Year!

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