Seven Unique Things An Enclosed Trailer Can Be Used For

When you are looking for unique ways to manage your business, you may purchase an enclosed trailer that could converted for any purpose. There are seven interesting things listed below that you can do with these trailers, and you could completely transform how you manage your business. You could even change your career when you have converted your old trailer into something special.

1. Mobile Offices

The best enclosed cargo trailers can be used for a number of purposes. You may not have considered repurposing the trailer for use as a mobile office, but it works quite well when you travel to different work sites with your business. You can drive the trailer to the next big work site, open the office, and manage the project without any work stoppages.

2. Mobile Pet Groomer

A mobile pet grooming business can work out of a trailer because you can set up the grooming tools you need, the tables, and the washing stations. You could even include more than one room for grooming, and you can install mobile water tanks that make it much easier for you to wash each pet. You can decorate the interior of the trailer easily, and you could even get a trailer with a side door that makes it easier for customers to come in and out.

3. Car Carrier

You could clear out the trailer, paint the interior, pad the walls, and add security straps. You can carry vehicles for clients, and you will protect those vehicles from road debris and weather because the trailer is closed. Adding a simple ramp will make it easy to drive each new vehicle onto the trailer.

4. Vending and Concessions

You can convert your trailer into a concession stand that has a side or back window. You could set up a massive kitchen in the trailer, or you could use the trailer for storage of non-perishable products. When you are driving your trailer to the next event site, you can lock down all your equipment, and you can open the trailer for business all day if you want. The mobile kitchen or concession stand could be a full-time business that makes quite a lot of money every day from hungry patrons.

5. Motorcycle Transport

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Motorcycle transport services are just as important as car transport. You can put many motorcycles on one enclosed trailer, and you could even install special rails that include security straps. The motorcycles are protected from wind and weather, and you can lock the trailer to prevent any attempted thefts.

6. Tool/Shop Storage

You could turn your trailer into a workshop or tool storage shed. If you are driving all the tools for your construction company to the work site, you can easily access them when you open the back door or side door. Think of setting up the trailer like a store where your staff can walk around until they find what they need. If you want to turn the trailer into a workshop, you can use half for storage and half as the place where you will work.

7. Trade Show Displays

Finally, you could turn the trailer into a trade show-style display vehicle. You can open the trailer to guests, and they can walk into your business’ display. This is an effective way to sell new customers on your products.


When you have bought a new trailer, you can turn it into anything that you want. You could change your career by creating a mobile business, or you could use the trailer as an office that supports every project your company is working on.

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