Spas: Sometimes it’s better to leave relaxing to the professionals

Let’s face it: as much as we like to extol the virtues of travel and perpetual movement, there is no doubt that the locationless lifestyle can be stressful. The new and unfamiliar produces stress in our fragile human bodies, this is an unavoidable reality of our nervous system that evolution produced, with good reason. After all, it wasn’t that long ago (in the grand scheme of mammalian evolution) that wandering away from the campsite or clan or the guy with the big club would’ve been a very dangerous thing to do.

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Then there’s the more modern stress of worrying about tickets and connecting flights and finding a bed to sleep in or not being able to find peanut butter (that last one might apply more to us yanks.) Top that off with the physical stress of lugging around backpacks with your entire life packed in it and the inevitable extra mileage that routinely getting lost will produce, and it’s safe to say even the most seasoned traveler could use some relaxation administered by professionals every once and awhile. And no, I’m not talking about red light districts, I’m talking about Spas. A Spa is often times a traveler’s best friend.

Here’s the thing about Spas: they can be very expensive, and often times you need to book in advance. Both of these problems can be overcome fairly easily. First of all, we aren’t talking about some sort of week long hiatus from reality to go to some resort. We are talking about taking a day at most. A Spa Day is what you want, and can be easily searched for. Like anything else these days, there are sites that cater specifically to spa breaks and let you compare deals and search within a specific area. Just like hotels, Spas are built to be relaxing and full of modern furniture so that people like us can enjoy our time. Always keep an eye open for last minute spa deals, which are perfect, because who really sees stress coming that far ahead? If you could plan for it, it wouldn’t be that stressful.

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