Subtle Tips For Empowering Yourself as a Woman

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s so hard being a woman, and it affects us in ways that even the most empathetic and understanding male is just not going to grasp easily.

Sometimes we need to think about ways to give ourselves an edge in society, and counteract some of the negative aspects of being a female, or at least mitigate and control them.


Wear The Right Underwear:

Despite the fact that few, only one, or no persons will ever see your interior clothing in many cases, having this right is so important for you as a woman.

Don’t ever try to scrimp and save on poor-quality panties and bras; get the best you can afford. The interior confidence it will bring you alone is worth it. Not to mention the benefits of getting something classy and leak-proof for those occasions where it is merited.


Learn To Delegate:

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Many women in higher-up positions come in like they have to prove to everybody that they are a one-woman show, but this is the path to exhaustion and burnout down the road!

Any good leader, whether man or woman, is a great delegator. It’s important to know inside that other people in the organization are there to help you accomplish your goals, and the whole world is not on your shoulders. This brings you up, where as assuming too much responsibility will only beat you down sooner or later.


Take Time Off:

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\Men have no problem doing this; we women shouldn’t either. And yet, this is even more an issue with women.

Everybody needs time off. This means breaks while working, long indulgent meal times, days where we barely even move!

Don’t think of this as being lazy. Think of this is resetting your physical and mental capacities so that you can come back with a vengeance. Your overall productivity will actually go up if you’re not constantly running yourself ragged.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment:

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Too often, we censor ourselves more harshly than our worst critic could even dream of doing.

We need to remember that part of success has to do with taking risks. In any decent working environment, this should be a given. But surprisingly, it often starts with  you!

The beauty of experimenting is that not only does it feel so empowering and validating, you have to remember that all you need is one success to make a huge difference, and often this is just around the corner if you push a little further out in a direction that you’re currently too scared to take!

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