Is Teeth Whitening A Good Idea?

Teeth whitening, along with other types of cosmetic dentistry treatments, is very popular, and seems to be only gaining more and more popularity these days. Who doesn’t want a dazzling, perfect smile?

So is it worth it to get your teeth whitened? Let’s do some analysis here:

DIY vs. Professional:

If you are going to get your teeth whitened, it’s generally advisable to have it done by a professional. Not only can you be sure of having a proper job done (and indeed, having recourse if something goes wrong), professional treatments are way more effective. DIY teeth whitening treatments may be a lot cheaper, but the results often tend to be just as cheap, making it in many cases just a total waste of money. For this reason, the professional route is definitely the way to go.


Speaking of effectiveness, you have to have a realistic assumption of how effective your treatment is going to be. The good news is that in 90% of cases, treatment will be 100% effective or close to it.

Teeth whitening works best on people who have a slight yellow tinge to their teeth. It can still be effective on other types of discoloration, but it may not work 100% as well. If it’s a gray type of discoloration, like, for example, the discoloration caused by taking too much antibiotics such as tetracycline, the treatment may or may not be worth it for you, and at that point you should consult your professional (another reason it’s worth paying for a professional to do it).

It should also be kept in mind that there is such a thing as too white. You want your teeth to look too natural, not like some sort of alien teeth. Once again, this is yet another reason why professionals should be in the mix. A professional will know when to stop!


While whitening your teeth is a great idea for many people, it’s not for everybody. People with exceptionally weak or worn tooth enamel are advised against taking this type of therapy, as well as people with other related issues such as gum disease or dental abscesses. If this is you, please make sure to take care of those other more urgent issues before dealing with the color of your teeth. Usually once these conditions have cleared up, you can go ahead with the whitening treatment.

One of the biggest reasons that people consider having their teeth whitened is to boost their self-esteem.  If your teeth are discolored and this makes you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, then this can affect other areas of your life.  You don’t want to smile in case you show your teeth or are uncomfortable eating in public.

In fact, 96% of adults in a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry say that they believe an attractive smile makes them more appealing to the opposite sex and this gives them more confidence.  And some 74% even think that having an unattractive smile can spoil your chances at a job interview.  Having a professionally managed tooth whitening treatment can help restore that self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself again and this can even result in you feeling more confident at a job interview.

Is the process safe?

All teeth whitening products come with very clear instructions about how to use them and have to be approved for safety before being sold to the public.  This includes rinses, toothpastes, gels, strips, tray-based whiteners and even treatments conducted in dental offices.  That said, it is always best to be supervised by a professional for the treatments as it is possible to use the products incorrectly and cause problems.  So always speak to a dentist first.

How often to whiten?

Using whitening processes too often can damage your teeth – another reason that working with a professional is always best.  There’s no set time frame as to how often you should use these treatments as it depends on a number of factors.  Some people noticed whiteness fades after a month or two while others report going as much as a year between treatments.  That means each time after a treatment, you should wait and see what happens before booking another whitening session.

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