Top 5 Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling

  1. Anger Management

We all can get angry when things don’t go our way, when we get into disagreements with others, or when negative things happen to us. Anger is a perfectly normal and natural human emotion, but what isn’t healthy is when we don’t know how to control our anger. Sometimes our anger can get the best of us and we do or say things that are rash and spur of the moment, only to really regret them later. In a relationship, uncontrolled anger can lead to problems with your partner and maybe even a potential break-up. A good marriage counselor can help teach anger management techniques that allow you and your partner to successfully work through difficult moments and respond in more rational ways to emotional upsets.

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  2. Substance Abuse

If your partner is dealing with substance abuse, it can be difficult with watching them struggle with addiction. Drugs can harm not just an individual’s health, but also their relationships with others. People who are addicted will do horrible things to maintain their drug habit such as stealing valuables and money, and lying too and deceiving trusted friends and family.

  3. Infidelity

Nothing hurts more than when a partner or loved one betrays your trust and cheats on you. Cheating can leave you with trust and anxiety problems, and can have a lasting negative emotional impact. Cheating affects upwards of 40% of unmarried Americans and at least 20% of married couples. Infidelity can lead to a loss of sexual intimacy between partners and can

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  4. Domestic Violence

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When your loved one or partner actually starts to harm you, you are in serious danger and need to seek help by contacting the appropriate authorities immediately. You should never put your own wellbeing at risk by staying in a physically harmful relationship. It is better in these situations to remove yourself from the abusive partner and to seek help from supportive family and community resources. Sometimes after we have left physically abusive or violent relationships, we still have past trauma that can affect us in our ability to form new relationships. In cases like this, domestic violence counseling can help us triumph over negative trauma from the past and move forward in our lives with more productive and joyful experiences in life.

  5. Abusive

Abuse can be physical, verbal, and emotional. It’s important to understand what type of behavior constitutes abuse, and what doesn’t.

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