4 Ways to Choose the Right Job References

The people you list as references on your application can have an impact on whether or not you’re chosen for a position. Following these guidelines can make sure you’re accurately and positively represented to a hiring manager.

  1. Find Someone Who Is Comfortable Giving You a Reference

Just because a coworker or colleague knows you well doesn’t mean they are the right person to provide you with a reference. They must also be able to communicate in an effective, professional manner. Before putting someone’s name on your list, consider their speaking ability and ask them if they would be able to give you a positive recommendation.

  1. Make Sure Your References Are Relevant

If you haven’t spoken to a previous boss in five years, their opinion doesn’t hold as much weight since you may have changed dramatically in that time. It is better to include current peers or supervisors who think well of you. It is also better to include people who know you as a business professional rather than listing friends or family members.

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  1. Use Internal References When Possible

If someone who knows and respects you on a professional level is already employed for the company, don’t hesitate to use them as a reference. A positive internal reference can have a lot of sway with a hiring manager.

  1. Be Wise About Asking Your Boss

Listing your current manager or supervisor could possibly jeopardize the position you have now, so you might want to mention he or she could be used as a reference only if you receive a pending job offer. That way you can protect your relationship with your boss if you aren’t offered the new role.

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