Dubai: A Surprisingly Great Holiday Destination

As recently as the early 1990’s, many people still had no idea where Dubai was, or indeed had even ever heard of such a place. Now, Dubai conjures up images of skyscrapers and rooftop pools in the middle of the desert, seven star hotels and three star restaurants, and Emirati oil tycoons cruising around in gold-plated cars.

But Dubai is seen still by many as a place to work by Westerners more than anything else. People need to realize that Dubai has a lot to offer the vacationer as well, in fact, it could be considered to be a premium holiday destination. Here are some of the many great reasons to holiday in Dubai:

It’s Multicultural:

Dubai is full of immigrants. Recent immigrants at that. People from all over the world come to work there bringing their rich culture and traditions with them. Which also leads to:

It’s A Foodie Paradise:

You can find some of the best chefs from literally every  corner of every continent here. This makes for a truly amazing scene for those of you into gastronomy. And let’s face it, places like the USA and the UK have food from all over, but these foreign traditions are altered to the local palate and to what’s available in the local markets. Dubai doesn’t have either of these issues; in Dubai you will get the real thing.

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Almost Guaranteed Weather:

This is a big perennial problem when vacationing, getting rained in the whole time. The good news about Dubai is that it has over 300 days of sun per year so your chances of getting rained in are next to nothing. Also, when it does rain it’s over very quickly.

It’s Also A Shopper’s Paradise:

Besides the iconic Dubai Mall (being the largest in the world), Dubai is host to a massive cornucopia of amazing shopping venues. This is one city where you truly can get anything and everything, and prices are surprisingly cheap despite the opulence, because competition drives them down.

Other Activities:

Dubai is famous for so much these days. It has hands down the world’s best fireworks displays, the most amazing skyline, the best buffets ever, the world’s biggest fountain, and even an indoor ski slope, which is no joke at all, even featuring the world’s first indoor run with a black diamond difficulty.

So, next time you are planning that be-all end-all urban vacation, Dubai should be among your strongest candidates.

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