5 Tips for Putting Together a Beautiful Home Office

It’s easy to see the appeal of working from home. Not only do you have more control over your schedule, you also don’t have to deal with the hassles of a daily commute and overly talkative co-workers. It’s also easier to resist the temptation of eating out, which is better for your health and your wallet.

Another benefit of working from home is that you can create a more personal space that will not only boost your productivity but also make you feel happy, too. That said, here are some tips in setting up a beautiful home office.

Get the Right Chair

You’re going to spend hours sitting on your office chair, so you might as well pick an ergonomic furniture that’s both comfortable and beautiful. You can always get an office-standard black-and-chrome model that matches any kind of paint and decor, but there are also bright, boldly colored and even patterned ones if you’d like to experiment with design. The right chair will also make you want to actually sit on it and do some work!

Beautify Your Windows

Ideally, your home office should have a window to maximize the benefits of natural light. A window also provides you with a view of the outdoors, upon which you can glance from time to time to give your eyes a break from staring at a computer screen for too long. But a plain window could be too stark, and it could distract from the decor rather than complement it.

Purchase curtains or drapes to easily dress up your windows. Gauzy curtains made from cotton, linen, or lace will give you some privacy while still allowing some sunshine to filter through, while heavy drapes provide complete concealment while also giving some measure of soundproofing to your home office. Whichever kind of window treatment you choose, remember that it should be the right length and width so that it will not look awkward or make your home office feel cramped.

Put Some Greens In

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Science has proven that plants have multiple psychological benefits. They help reduce stress, make you feel happier, improve concentration, and even boost your productivity. Plants can also help improve the quality of indoor air, which in turn makes you physically healthier. On the aesthetic side, plants can give your space a fresh, clean, and welcoming look.

If you don’t have a green thumb or have limited gardening skills, choose low maintenance plants like the peace lily, which can thrive even with minimal natural lighting, or the snake plant, which doesn’t need too much watering and has a visually interesting dark green leaves bordered with bright yellow green. Succulents and cacti are also good options, especially for small spaces, since they don’t require a lot of room to grow. Put these plants near a window and water them every once in a while, and watch them thrive.

Practice Some Color Psychology

Just because it’s a home office doesn’t mean you should also paint it in “office colors” like gray or beige. Not that there’s anything wrong with gray or beige, but since your home office is your personal space, you’re also free to choose colors that you love and that inspire you, be it gray, beige, or something else.

You can also put some color psychology to work. For example, blue is believed to stimulate the mind and keep you awake, which is ideal for jobs that require you to flex your mental muscles. Meanwhile, yellow is a color that inspires creativity and optimism, so you might benefit from this shade if you’re an artist or a writer.

Make It a Comfortable Space

You have to work in your home office, of course, but you should also make it a comfortable space where you feel your personal best. You can achieve this in various, simple ways, like using a uniquely shaped mug as a pencil holder or hanging your children’s artwork in place of store-bought prints on the walls.

You should also consider setting aside some space where you can kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and perhaps take a quick, refreshing nap. If you have a limited floor area, there are stylish storage boxes that double as ottomans. Add a comfortable seat (maybe a bean bag?) and an overstuffed throw pillow, and you have yourself a place to rest and have a “thinking break”.

When you’re working from home, it’s a little too easy to just laze around in bed and forget about your job. However, with a home office that’s designed for both comfort and productivity, you’ll definitely find yourself psyched to work every single day.

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