How to Start Editing Photos for a Blog in 4 Easy Steps

Over the years it has become increasingly important for a blogger to be able to come up with attractive photos, as blogs in general tend to be much more visual. While having a good grasp of basic photography techniques can help, editing has a crucial part to play too – but unfortunately it is often a stumbling block for those without any prior experience.

To be entirely honest you don’t need to be an expert to be able to edit photos for a blog. In fact, you can start to learn how to do so right now – by taking nothing more than 4 easy steps:

Straighten the horizon

Although there are some situations where you may want your photos to have the horizon at an angle, in the majority of cases it is best if it is level. Some editors may have specific tools to help you straighten a photo, but in all honesty you can get by if you’re able to just rotate your photo until the horizon is straight.

Use the rule of thirds to frame the subject better

The rule of thirds is one of the most widely-used techniques in photography. It basically involves dividing the frame of a photo into thirds both vertically and horizontally, and then placing the subject in the left or right third, or at one of the intersection points. To edit your photo and use the rule of thirds you really just need to be able to crop it and re-frame the photo according to where you want the subject to be located.

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Adjust the color

It can take a bit of practice to adjust the color satisfactorily, and it is an area that is somewhat subjective. That being said you can start by focusing on the exposure, brightness and contrast, and vibrancy – all of which should help you to make the important elements in your photo really pop.

Blur the background

One common editing technique is to blur the background in varying degrees so that it looks out of focus and contrasts with the subject that is sharply in focus. To pull that off you either need to carefully blur just the background, or select the subject and put it on a separate layer then only apply the blur to the background layer.

If you’re looking for an editor to help you edit photos for a blog you need look no further than Movavi Photo Editor for Mac. It is an intuitive photo software for Mac that is easy to use and yet full of useful features.

With the help of Movavi Photo Editor for Mac you could adjust the color levels, crop, rotate, or blur your photos. In fact you could do much more, and remove unwanted objects, replace the background, touch-up portraits, apply filters, and so on. Suffice to say it will give you everything you need to edit your photo via the 4 easy steps listed above, and much more.

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