7 Fantastic Vegas Hotel Buffets For Foodies

Tens of millions of tourists vacation in Vegas year after year. They come for the sights, the sounds, the shows, the casinos, and especially for the food. It’s a well-established fact that some of the best restaurants and buffets in the US can be found in Sin City. Las Vegas is known for giving great deals to gamblers on food and drinks to make them stay longer and spend more money. Over time the food has become more and more lavish and delicious.

The tradition of all-you-can-eat buffets in Vegas started all the way back in 1946, almost a decade before The Strip truly came alive. According to Food And Wine Magazine, it all started with Beldon Katleman who owned the first casino on The Strip called El Rancho. He figured out that food and gambling went hand in hand and he could get people to stick around his casino after the shows let out if he offered low-cost snacks. It started with cold cuts and deviled eggs but by the 19070’s the food was getting more and more extravagant. Now, the best buffets are no longer dirt-cheap, but meals are often “comped” for high rollers and return hotel guests.

From lobster brunches to table side flambe desserts, you can find the best buffet offerings in Vegas as some of the classiest hotels. The following is a list of 7 of the yummiest buffets in Vegas right now. Many of these buffets are located in hotels found on the Online Casino Gems’ list of best hotels at a range of prices.

#1. Bacchanal Buffet At Caesars Palace

Located inside the ornate Caesars Palace Hotel And Casino, Bacchanal is considered one of the best buffets in the world. From dusk til to dawn they offer an array of tasty food to fit anyone’s fancy. Many ethnic foods are offered including Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and American. They have breakfast foods like red velvet pancakes and Asian brunches of dim sum and soups. It also features a carving station full of roasted meats to make your mouth water. Don’t forget about dessert, homemade gelatos and fresh crapes are among the top favorites. The restaurant is designed so that the chefs are cooking the food up fresh right in front of your eyes.

#2. Wicked Spoon At The Cosmopolitan

When the Cosmopolitan opened Wicked Spoon in 2010 it was clear that their intention was to change the way people thought about buffet-style dining. They had no intention of being a cheap or low-quality restaurant with greasy comfort food drying out under heat lamps. They focused on small plates that packed a punch in every bite. The brunch menu includes bottomless booze, lots of dim sum, and plenty of breakfast items. Lunch and dinner have a lot of meat and seafood options, the adorable small plates, and endless dessert options. This buffett made MSN’s list of best restaurants early in 2020.

#3. Cravings Inside The Mirage

The Cravings Buffet has a modern aesthetic that arranges it’s 11 food stations by ethnic region. Not only do they have spectacular menu items, but they also include unlimited wine and beer with their cost. I mean, why not? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? A true foodie might enjoy booking the VIP chef experience with a special table and service by the chef himself.

#4. Bellagio Buffet

This restaurant is of course offered inside the beautiful Bellagio Hotel And Casino. Much like the rest of the architecture, the food area is made to look like a quaint Italian village with lampposts and charming plants. It’s a very welcoming environment that makes you think of home cooking. Here you will find many staples of Vegas buffets such as salmon, rotisserie chicken, honey glazed ham, and a huge dessert buffet. A thrilling feature that sets it apart are the live-action cooking stations. On the weekends they offer a Champagne brunch with all the family favorites and a few specialties like house-made blinis and miniature buckwheat waffles.

#5. Paris Le Village Buffet Inside Paris Las Vegas

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Decorated like a charming French village, every food station in this amazing buffet is named after a real province in France. Here they take buffet-style dining to a whole new level with fresh ingredients and elevated entres. It is a traditional buffet but with a French twist. For example, one of the stand-out features of this restaurant is the made-to-order crepe station. You’ll find a bounty of French dishes alongside the traditional buffet offerings. There are several live cooking stations so you can watch the food preparation in real-time. Don’t forget dessert, the Paris Le Village Buffet has vanilla bean creme brulee macarons that are legendary.

#6. Carnival World At Rio

Take a culinary world tour with over 200 offerings at the Carnival World Buffet. With a casual atmosphere, this place is great for the whole family. Live-action cooking stations, carving stations, and made from scratch desserts are plentiful here. The food stations are organized by region so you can easily find what you’re looking for. In addition to great food, Carnival has a photo kiosk so you can take home a memory to remind you of the amazing food Vegas has to offer.

#7. Aria Buffet At Aria Hotel And Casino

This is another great family-style restaurant with a casual and welcoming aesthetic. They have food selections from around the world but they really shine with their Indian food station where they make fresh naan in a giant tandoor oven. Another unique feature is their wheel of gelato at the dessert station. You won’t be disappointed with the seafood offerings either that change daily. It’s hard not to like all you can eat crab legs, am I right?

While Las Vegas might be known for blackjack and slot machines, they are just as famous for amazing restaurants throughout this city that never sleeps. You can find even more great dining options on CNN’s list of great Vegas restaurants. Plan to pack your elastic-waist pants!

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