Get The Maximum Out of These Valuable Bonuses

Online casinos are very popular nowadays. Their popularity is fueled by the fact that several websites offer services. Because of the high competition and the full range of online casinos, the companies have to find ways to encourage more gamers to sign up to their website. Bonuses are some of the conventional methods used. Below are some valuable online casino bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are free credits that are offered by most online casinos to new signees. Welcome bonuses are perhaps the best offers that online casinos have to offer. They are offered by all kinds of online casinos to attract the loyalty of new players. There are different types of welcome bonuses which include;

• No deposit bonuses– this is a common type of welcome bonus when you sign up to an online casino. What happens with this offer is that you are not required to make a deposit to play and win. This means you can gamble for free and take home the winnings. Note that you can only qualify for this bonus after you have signed up.

• 100% match bonus- this is a type of bonus where when you deposit a certain amount, the online casino rewards you by doubling the amount.

• Free spins- these are additional rounds that allow you to play slot games without depositing. This type of bonus usually does not have a minimum deposit limit, and they are usually provided to both loyal players and new ones.

Note that welcome bonuses are only offered once when you create a player account.

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Weekend bonus

As the name suggests, this type of bonus is offered only during the weekends. Casinos offer this type of bonus to encourage players to gamble more since it is the weekend. Below are some of the best types of weekend bonuses offered by online casinos;

• Loyalty bonuses- these bonuses are offered to members and loyal gamers of the online casinos. They provide gamers with extra credits that encourage them to play more and improve their ranking status.

• Free spins- these bonuses are usually provided for a limited amount of time. This means that if you do not use them during that time, they expire. They are usually related to online slot games specifically.

• Deposit bonuses- to get this type of bonus, you have to deposit a certain amount. The casino will either match the same amount or give you a certain percentage of the deposited amount. Some websites refer to them as percentage bonuses. These types of weekend bonuses are only available for a specific amount of time, after which they expire.

Daily Bonus

Daily bonuses come in a wide range. They are free credits provided to members of a particular online casino to encourage them to stay loyal to the website. Examples of daily bonuses are free spins, loyalty bonuses, percentage bonuses, and in some cases, no deposit bonuses. Different online casinos offer various daily bonuses. These bonuses are only accessible by the members, and they differ from one day to the other.

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