Three reasons why everyone should play online games?

Three reasons why everyone should play online games? – khelo365

Online games are waste of time! Online games are addictive! Online games are not safe! These are the canards we hear about online gaming on our day to day life. But did you know that power of online games extends beyond that? People try to portray the pernicious effects of online gaming like an addiction so often that they forget to cover the benefits one could derive from online gaming. Ever tried to justify the importance of the online games over a debate but failed? Well, here are few factors that back up your side of the debate to win a discussion.

If an activity that you pursue to satiate your fun quotient gives you additional benefits beyond that, would you say a no to it? An online game not only enhances your problem-solving skills but they also increase your brain power and mental prowess.

Online games make you smarter and better at life! Hmm! Not satisfied yet? Let’s take three most popular online games right now and see what they teach us in life.

1. Battle of Survival

We pretty much live our lives with dozens of commitments and problems that plague us every single day. Not everyone really manages to handle the situations. Life is turning out to be a battle of survival these days as Darwin proved it nearly a century back. This online game, “PUBG” (Players Unknown Battle Ground) is a game where you’ll be parachuted into an island with 99 other online players where you should survive the battle and survive. In order to survive, you should come up with unique strategies to outplay them. That’s not just one or two, 99 to be precise! To put in simple words, in order to outplay others, one has to develop his/her own strategy. This quality would help you while dealing with adverse situations in your life.

2. Try till you win what you want.

Never stop fighting for something you love. A lot of people live a life that they are forced to live giving up what they love to do in the process. “Shadowgun Legends” is a game where you should fight against the alien who tries to invade your motherland. The gameplay is loaded with puzzles that boost your brain power. You have an option to earn “play money” with which you can buy weapons to aid you in the battle to save your motherland. This game teaches us the patience that one should hold on to fight for his cause and also make the players realize that success is just a few steps away from failures. Walk that extra mile you’ll get what you deserve.

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3. Think a lot

A lot of people amongst us would have pondered over the question “why should I get stuck with something I don’t like? What if we could turn around our hobby to a profession”. Only a select few follow their dreams and end up with their dream career. Games like Online Rummy and Online Poker allow the players the comfort of earning from their homes.

Classic Rummy and poker are game of cards that are heavily based on skill and are now available online. Both the games are a battle of skill. Both require players to be on their toes all the time. Sharp memory, good observation skills, High concentration, sharp focus, good mathematical ability, and solid patience are required to be successful in the game. In both the games, you’ll never know whom you’re up against. You may be pitted against anyone from any part of the globe, unlike the physical games where you play against the same set of players. Both the games give the opportunity to win life-changing amounts of prize money. There are lots of materials from Poker rules and how to play poker to advanced poker tips and strategies that will help you get started from the word go!

Because of the huge popularity of both these games, a lot of players are taking up playing rummy online and Poker games as a profession these days.

The above-listed reasons are just a handful of benefits that you get by playing online games. It is just a fraction of the huge benefits that a player can accrue playing online games. Popular American football coach Bum Philips once remarked “Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half”. There is no denying that winning is important, even more, important is enjoying the game. Experience the thrills and spills of the game every moment.

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