The Best Types of Summer Camps for Your Child

Did you know that the first summer camps started way back in the 1870s? At that time, summer camps were presented as the antidote to indoor life. Today, more than ever before, children are in need of this antidote. This need has also helped in making summer day camps extremely popular all over America, including in Houston, TX. In 1900, there were less than 100 camps in the country, while in 2019, the number had crossed the 14,000 mark!

Along with the number of camps, there has also been great diversity in the types of camps on offer. Today, most major cities offer a wide variety of camps, from sports to art, music, cooking and even STEM, say experts at Elite Summer Camps, known for their excellent summer programs in Houston.

If you too are thinking of sending your kids to a summer camp in Houston, here are some options that can be great for them.

Sports Camps

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Is your child full of energy or do they not get enough physical exercise? A sports camp can be a great option in either case. Summer is a great time for your child to try their hand at a variety of sports. Such camps can also provide them a head start to help them get better at the sport. This could be particularly beneficial for those looking to get sports scholarship.

In addition, there are multiple health benefits. Playing sports has been found to improve cardiovascular health and bone density, while reducing the chances of developing certain types of cancers. It has also been found that physical exercise can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and make students more emotionally resilient. So, check out the best sports camps in Houston and help your child spend an exciting summer.

STEM Camps

STEM camps are a great choice to teach children about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in a fun way. During the summer, many children lose their proficiency in science and mathematics. But these camps are a fun way of making sure that your children stay on top of their academics and even develop an interest in STEM subjects. These camps also help children learn how to think logically, be creative and become efficient problem solvers.

Arts Camps

Does your child like to doodle or hum to their favorite songs? Consider enrolling them in an art camp. These camps are excellent for learning skills such as painting, sketching, dance, and music. There are also separate camps for different arts, such as theatre or music camps. The summer camp can prove to be the perfect place for children to express their creativity. Additionally, this can also have a positive impact on their academic performance. Studies have found that being involved in arts can rewire the brain to think more critically.

Language Camps

It is quite impressive to meet someone who can speak 3 or 4 language. Well, it could be your child that everyone is impressed with. Language camps allow children to not only learn other languages but about other cultures as well. This can improve their educational and job prospects in the future. Plus, speaking a second language has been linked with more grey matter in the brain.

Apart from these, horseback riding or cooking camps are great options, based on your child’s interests. With so many amazing summer day camps in Houston, TX, choosing the right one for your kid should not be a problem.

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