ASICS Running Shoes: 5 Reasons Why They Are the Best

ASICS is an athletic shoe company founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka in 1977. For decades, this brand has made some of the best athletic shoes. Asics are popular footwear with many styles available in online shoe shops. Here are several reasons why runners prefer ASICS.

1. Advanced Cushioning Technology

ASICS are known for featuring Gel technology, which debuted in 1986. This innovative padding consists of pockets of gel-like material that provide shock absorption in the midsole. In recent years, many runners have come to prefer shoes that have minimal or lightweight cushioning. A number of ASICS shoes feature foam-based alternatives such as AMPLIFOAM, FlyteFoam Lite or FlyteFoam Propel cushioning.

2. Supportive Stability Mechanisms

The soles and uppers of ASICS footwear are designed to support the foot and ankle to promote a proper stride and prevent injuries. Most styles have a low-profile upper design with an emphasis on breathable comfort. Runners should check to see the level of support provided by each shoe style. Several best-selling designs prevent overpronation while other styles are helpful for underpronation or neutral pronation. Compare the features of this footwear and use an ASICS promotion code to save on the right shoes for the way you run.

3. Tested Performance Designs

In May 1990, ASICS founded the Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, Japan. Biomechanical and materials testing is still carried out at this facility today. New designs such as the Energy Saving Series with GuideSole technology are released on the global market after extensive testing. This innovative running shoe line features responsive rocker soles for superior propulsion and shock absorption. Other innovative technologies are always under development for new designs and updated releases of standard series such as the Gel-Cumulus, Gel-Kayano and Gel-Nimbus.

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4. Footwear For Every Running Style

Road runners tend to require more cushioning than trail runners. Shoes that are intended for running sprints also vary from long-distance footwear in terms of cushioning, structural support and weight. Some styles also have features such as removable insoles that allow for the insertion of orthotics. It is important to match ASICS designs with the way you run to get the most out of any pair of running shoes.

5. Seventy Years of Innovation

Kihachiro Onitsuka founded the Onitsuka Company in 1949 to make basketball shoes. His original research and a merger with two other brands came together as the basis for ASICS in 1977. The ASICS brand name is an acronym of the Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano,” meaning healthy soul in a healthy body. Runners who wear any of the brand’s current styles benefit from seventy years of advanced athletic footwear research and development.

No matter whether you are a sprinter or long-distance runner or prefer to run on tracks or trails, you can find the perfect pair of ASICS running shoes. Look for a style that has the level of cushioning and stability mechanics you need to run in comfort and avoid injury. Choose from an assortment of on-trend colorways for a pair of the most comfortable and stylish running footwear.

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