Motherhood, Prom Dresses and a Promise

My Mom, My Experiences, My Daughter

As a mother, I always think back to the experiences that I shared with my mom, and how I would be able to stay true to the type of parenting standard that she set for me to follow with my own children, especially my daughter.

I have never been able to forget specific moments that I experienced throughout my life with my mom, and how they shaped me to be the woman I am today.

Going to my mom’s workplace with her, baking cookies with her, and discussing my favorite books with her have been some of my most cherished memories, which resulted in traditions that I follow with my own kids today.

Yet, whenever I am asked to pick one such moment with my mom that has stayed quite compelling for me through the years as though it happened yesterday, my answer is always the same: when she helped me with my choices of prom dresses.

At the time, the idea of going to my senior prom had been of a journey of transition for me. The thought of ending school, going to college, leaving some friends and my teenage years behind… all of it had been welling up inside of me even as I prepared for my prom with a smile on my face. My mom had asked me if something was going through my mind, and since I didn’t want to worry her, I just shrugged it off.

But of course she knew.

During the day, as we shopped and went from one place to another, she kept trying to cheer me up between my selection of prom dresses. Buying me ice cream, getting me a little necklace with my name on it, and even discussing my favorite TV show at the time were just a few things that she did throughout the day to make me feel special. She wanted to make me feel like I mattered, and to make me feel that I will be missed after I left for college.

Those actions, their sweetness, and the pure and selfless love that I felt through them is what made the day special for me. During our trip to the third store that day, when we eventually settled on what seemed like the perfect prom dress, I was feeling so emotional that I just pulled my mom and gave her a big hug, and thanked her for being the most wonderful mother in the world while also promising that I will love my children the way that she loves me.

family mom daughter smiling

How I’ll Treat My Children

I still stand by those words to this day.

And that is the effect that I as a mother want to leave with my daughter. The memory of longstanding, everlasting and unconditional love, which gives her the confidence of being of importance in the world as she steps into a life of her own, because she deserves to know of her worth every second of her existence.

While the advancements in technology have eliminated the need to physically go through store to store to find the perfect prom dress, places such as JJ’s House offer the experience of browsing through hundreds of prom dresses right from the comfort of your couch, giving you plenty of bonding time to evoke that experience of emotion.

I have decided that when the time comes, I will be cooking my daughter’s favorite meal, put on her favorite TV show (even though I couldn’t understand it even if my life depended on it), and browse through JJ’s with her to give her ample time to process her feelings and talk them out before she lands on her perfect prom dress.

That is one of the milestones of parenting which my mom left me, and it is something I want to achieve in my own life. If my experience made you miss your mom or your experience of selecting your first prom dress, then you can certainly make a promise to your own self to get your daughter her perfect prom dress moment when the time calls for it.

On the other hand, if your daughter is going to her junior or senior prom next year, here are some prom dresses 2019 ideas that would help her on her path to have her own special prom dress memory.

I’m hoping that I can create the best experiences for my daughter. I’m glad that I had a mother like her and I’ll keep striving each day to make sure that I can be at least as half as good as she was.

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