How to Pack Up and Live for the Road

Transitioning from a physical address to a life telecommuting on the road may seem like a pipe dream, but with more and more businesses accommodating remote workers, this lifestyle may be within reach for you. Working on the road takes thorough due diligence, including mental preparation, taking your current job mobile or finding a new telecommuting role, setting up your mobile office, and finally stepping outside to make your dreams come true. Here are four important steps to transitioning to a life on the road.

Understand the Road Ahead


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To succeed and live comfortably on the road, you must understand what you’re getting yourself into. Should you buy an RV, or will a customized van or truck suit your needs better? Where will you stay — and how will the seasons affect your plans? Do you have room in your budget to not only get started with the proper rig but to also stay afloat on the road and handle any emergencies that may pop up? Carefully consider these factors before continuing:

  • Vehicle: Will a camper van, car, pickup truck camper/trailer, or class A, B, or C RV work best for your needs?
  • Destinations: It’s as important to be whimsical in your journey as it is to be prepared. Map out places for both long- and short-term stays before heading out.
  • Budgeting: You’ll be taking on some new expenses, such as vehicle repairs and fuel, while dropping other major drains on your budget, such as mortgage or rent.
  • Who you’re traveling with: Whether you’re going solo, traveling with a friend or lover, or heading out with a pet will affect every other factor mentioned in this brief list.

The nomadic life is certainly thrilling, and those who have done it have plenty of positive experiences and tips to share. Do your research and understand the commitment before spending a dime transitioning to this new lifestyle.

Find Work That Can Be Done on the Road

At first, finding work that can be done on the road may seem like a major hurdle. How can you bring in a steady income outside of a business office or, at the very least, without a physical address for a home office? The good news is that remote work is becoming more popular every day. You may even be able to approach your supervisors and work out a plan to keep your current job from a remote workspace. Outside of that, careers in the publishing or customer-service industries have ample remote work opportunities. Web design and software development are also well-suited to life on the road.

It’s even possible to augment remote work with local seasonal opportunities, as many cities need to hire additional workers only during certain times of the year. Consider this when mapping out places you want to visit and when you want to visit them. Finally, take the time to prepare financially, accounting for current debts you will continue to owe in addition to the expenses of traveling (insurance, vehicle repairs, camping equipment, etc.) versus the savings you’ll make on mortgage or rent payments and other expenses (note that you may find free camping spots or stay in an RV park for roughly $300 a month).

Prepare Your Office Space

Even with the perfect job lined up, you won’t do well on the road without the means to work reliably and comfortably. This means preparing a mobile office with stable internet connectivity, phone services, and any other tech you might need to work and stay in touch from the road. To stay connected, for example, you’ll need hardware such as the Alcatel LINKZONE mobile Hotspot that will enable you to connect to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network and get online from the road. You’ll need to consider your office space when selecting a vehicle for your travels as well.

Hit the Open Road

Transitioning from a physical address to a nomadic lifestyle will take plenty of work, but if you’re thorough in preparing, you can have some of the most exciting adventures of your life. See the best locations the world has to offer, and enjoy the freedom of giving in to your wanderlust. Just remember to keep doing your research and understand how you’ll need to adjust to fully enjoy this exciting new lifestyle.

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