Buy Your Kid A Watch… Actually A Great Idea

Many people may wonder why on Earth you would want to buy a watch for a child. It’s a reasonable answer, but believe it or not, there are actually many reasons why it’s a good idea to do so. We’ve teamed up with our partners at Promo Code Watch to give you some of them in a nutshell:

Controlled Independence:

The idea of being a good parent lies in taking care of your kids, but slowly allowing them more and more freedom, of course, together with the responsibility that comes with it. Buying them a watch is a great way to give them more independence in a super measured way. You can buy a young kid a watch when it would be totally inappropriate to get them a phone or a (full-blown) tablet, for example.

GPS Tracking:

Some of us are old enough to remember the classic “getting lost in the department store / supermarket / etc.” from back in the day. If your child has a watch with GPS on it, this can be a thing of the past. They will be able to be found within mere seconds in most cases. This alone is an incredible security feature that is worth the purchase price, most parents would agree.

Also gone are the days when mom ran out the house yelling “dinner time”. Now a simple message to the watch suffices, and you will get a reply with an ETA. Sometimes technology is really good for us in so many ways.

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Accelerated Learning:

This is especially useful for younger children. The functions in their watch will allow them to learn to tell time faster, also it will help them with the cognitive functions necessary for them to be good in things such as math, for example.

Avoiding Buying A Phone:

A watch is actually a great intermediate step between your kid having their own phone and having nothing. For one thing, watches are by design and by their very nature more durable than phones, and we all know kids can be pretty hard on their possessions. Watches are also cheaper and therefore easier to replace if something actually were to happen to it. And watches often have just enough features (texting, calling, alarms, flashlight, calculator etc.) to make them useful without having all the full-blown uses of a phone, with the potential to get in trouble that comes with them.

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