Striking a Balance – How You Can Form a Cigar Club in a Household with Kids

Holding certain hobbies in a household with children could be difficult. If you like woodworking, you need to ensure that your supplies and tools are locked away at all times. If you enjoy painting, then you have to save your easel from your little Da Vincis at all times. And if you enjoy smoking cigars, then you need to make sure that those are kept away from children’s reach.

While locking supplies away is easy, keeping smoke in a restrained room is not. And it is even more challenging when you like to smoke cigars as a group in a cigar club.

But with that being said, it is not impossible.

Specify a Room for Your Club Meetings

First things first, you need to designate a specific room in your house for your cigar club sessions. This way, you could enjoy a high quality cigar such as Cheyenne Cigars without the stress of exposing your children to the smoke or having your friendly chatter with the club interrupted all of a sudden.

For this, the ideal room should definitely have a door that could be locked. This means that instead of holding your cigar club meetings in your open living room, you should have them in an enclosed space.

A basement could be a great space for a cigar club session. Just ensure that it is furnished and decorated appropriately so it does justice to the high end cigar that you are enjoying.

Schedule Your Club Meetings Carefully

Even while you have the door locked during your sessions, you should try to schedule your club meetings at times when your children aren’t at home.

This makes sure that they are not going to walk into your meeting or get upset when you do not allow them to join in. It also allows you to smoke freely and hold fewer requirements on your guests to lock the door each time they walk in or out of the designated meeting space.

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Safeguard Your Supplies

Due to the way that they are made, Cigars could be expensive. This is especially true for ones that are high quality. This is because such cigars are created with the utmost care and only use quality ingredients in their making.

Keeping this thought in mind, it would be nothing short of upsetting if these cigars were to be used as crayons by your kids, or squished by them to the point of no return.

Make sure that you prevent such instances by keeping your cigars kept safely away. If possible, buy special cigar cases so you could arrange your cigars within them, and then put them in your dresser or closet that come with a lock.

Taking these steps might seem unnecessary at first, but they actually save you a world of pain and thus remain quite advantageous.

This way, you are able to enjoy your sessions while smoking cigars such as Cheyenne Cigars.

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