The Best Smart Fridges You Can Buy Right Now

Smart fridges haven’t exactly set the world on fire like their smartphone or TV counterparts. There might be several reasons for this, smart fridges are still seen as “niche” with relatively high asking prices. Smart fridges are perhaps misunderstood by the general public, why, I hear people ask, would anyone need a smart fridge?

If you are an early adopter or just want the best that technology has to offer, you might already own a smart fridge. A modern-day answer to the boring white fridge, smart fridges look to bring your kitchen into the future. For those who haven’t made the leap, or maybe just curious about smart fridges and their benefits, we have put together a list of the best smart fridges you can go and buy right now.

LG Signature 700L French Door

The humble fridge hasn’t changed much, at least from the outside. Most of us are familiar with a nondescript slab of white metal storing our food and drinks, but with a smart fridge, all of this will change. The LG Signature 700L is finished in sleek stainless steel (which is fingerprint proof) and as the name suggests, the front Is dominated by a unique set of French doors. Smart fridges are constructed from premium materials and are often much more energy efficient. The latest offering from LG is no exception. 

Fridge 2

The signature 700L is a cut above your ordinary fridges, with a stainless-steel internal cavity and a “fresh filter” that pushes air through a carbon deodorizer. Smart fridges use cutting edge materials and technologies like these to keep your food fresher for longer. 

What is so unique about the French doors? One of these doors is made from a layered glass that by default is an opaque grey, matching the exterior. With two knocks of your hand, the glass door will become clear, allowing you to peer inside and check the contents of your fridge without opening the door. This not only will save time but electricity too.

Rounding out the “smart’ capabilities is an intuitive touchscreen interface that can hook up to your phone or home Wi-Fi. Partnered with LG’s THINQ smartphone app, you can control your fridges temperature and other settings from your smartphone. 

Samsung 651L Family Hub French Door 

Samsung is a well-known player in nearly every avenue of consumer electronics. Their smart TV’s and phones are well loved and often set the industry standard. Samsung has applied this expertise to smart fridges and unsurprisingly created one of the best smart fridges you can own today.

The fridge is adorned with a large and zippy touchscreen interface. This screen differs from most fridges, as it’s large enough to watch a movie on! This screen can be used to check the contents of your fridge without opening the door, thanks to an internal camera.

Samsung’s smart device experience shines through, with a slew of apps available to you. Pairing the fridge to your smartphone allows remote control. From the fridge or paired app, you can order groceries, stream your favorite show from Netflix or even order a ride from Uber! The future really is now.

In Australia, the market for smart fridges is still quite small. Many manufacturers been slow to the party and we are only now seeing a small trickle of products make their way to our shores. The fridges that do make it here are usually the flagships of the brand, meaning we see the best of the best. LG and Samsung have created solid, beautiful and more importantly SMART fridges that you welcome into your kitchen right now.

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