Top Tips for Travelling by Ferry with Kids

Travelling by ferry is a top way to get around many regions of the world and offers a fun experience for kids. Ferry tickets around the world are one of the latest and greatest ideas for unique travels. But for parents, there are some top tips to help you make the most of the journey and not have it turn into a big source of stress.

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Consider a cabin

When booking, if the journey lasts more than a couple of hours and there is an option for it, it is worth considering a cabin.  You will pay more for this, but it gives you a dedicated space to take the kids.  For younger kids, this can be a great chance for a nap and even older kids will enjoy a little quiet time, away from the bustle of the rest of the passengers.  It also means you have somewhere safe to put all your belongings while you explore the ship.

Keep essentials in grab bags

When packing for the trip, put together grab bags of essentials that you can quickly reach while in the car.  Loading the ferry can take a bit of time and this means being in the car for a while.  When you slot comes up, you have to move quickly so no reloading the car!  Grab bags contain all of the stuff you might need ranging from sweets and snacks to medication and the kids’ favorite toys or gadgets.

Be aware of any restrictions

You can get some great deals on your ferry travel with websites such as but always make sure you read through any restrictions that are placed on it – every ferry company have them and they can all be different.  It can be anything from your child requiring a passport regardless of their age to travel restrictions for heavily pregnant women.

Note where you parked

It sounds funny, forgetting where your vehicle is parked on a ferry, but it is no laughing matter when it happens.  Wandering between large vehicles and many cars, especially as it gets nearer time to disembark can be a panicking experience.  So make sure you make a note on your phone or somewhere where exactly your vehicle is located.

Expect travel sickness

It’s nice to think it won’t happen but better to prepare that it does – travel sickness.  Lots of kids get it on their first trip and even a good number of adults suffer from it.  So have some spare clothes, especially warm ones, sick bags, anti-motion sickness tablets or wristbands and something to help settle the stomach all packed in those grab bags.

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