8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Canada As Your Holiday Destination


Boasting a diverse food scene, full of ethnic enclaves, and bustling with great places to rest and relax, there are many reasons why you should go on a trip to Canada.

  1. Nature

Few mountains can rival the lure of the highlands of Cape Breton, the ruggedness of northern British Columbia, and the heights of the Rockies. Not forgetting the Northern Lights, fall foliage, glaciers, prairie flats, sweeping taiga, boreal forest, cherry foliage, freshwater lakes, and dramatic coastlines. A visit to these breathtaking places will truly be an experience of a lifetime.

  1. Friendly Locals

With mountain scenery from most cities, nature right outside their doorstep, and a laid-back, liberal lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that Canadians are frequently voted amongst the world’s friendliest people. Therefore, if you ever lose direction while in Canada, don’t hesitate to ask the locals for directions. You’re highly likely to get a helpful and warm response.

  1. The Festival and Shopping Scene

Toronto, Canada is renowned for the Toronto Film Festival. The city also hosts electronic festivals and alternative dance during summertime. In the month of June, art lovers are treated to Luminato, a 17-day festival that takes over the city’s parks, public spaces, and theatres with music, dance, and theatre.

If you love shopping, best carry half-packed bags so that you can return with handmade footwear, plaid flannels, and monochrome knitwear. Whether you’re looking for gifts or vintage items, there is basically something for everyone.

  1. Dream Islands

While in Toronto, head on to the Toronto Islands using a ferry. The chain of islands found on Lake Ontario offers sandy beaches to walk, the Ward’s Island to tour, and the parklands to bike or hike. Take your camera with you to capture the city’s mesmerizing skyline when the sun sets.

  1. The City That Doesn’t Sleep

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Cities such as Toronto comes alive even after it gets dark. From dive bars and brewhouses, Toronto is full of cocktail venues and drinking hotspots perfect for having a couple of beers in the evening.

  1. Relaxation

While partying may be on the top of your list, you will eventually need a place to rest after an exciting, fun-filled night out. Toronto is sprawling with tranquil retreats. Whether you need a place to re-balance, re-energize, or purify, there are plenty of sanctuaries tucked right under the hustle and bustle of the city. Be sure to try out their treatments which feature massages, aqua therapy, manicures, exfoliation practices, and cold and hot water techniques.

  1. Food

Atlantic and Pacific salmon are part of Canada’s staple diet. The urban centers have top-notch restaurants, whereas areas like Annapolis Valley, Okanagan, and Niagara are revered for their superior-quality wine and fruit. In Quebec, poutine, maple syrup, smoked meat, bagels, and cheese, are world-famous.

The dining scene in the country is as diverse as it is vibrant. So, if you want something a bit fresher and more sophisticated, many cafes and restaurants offer farm-to-table food. And if you can’t wait to have a taste of the seafood, the Atlantic provinces have the freshest catch.

  1. Adventure

Craving for adventure? Then you’ll definitely love Canada. In the months of winter, the country has some of the grandest ski resorts in the world. You can engage in fun activities like dogsledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross-country skiing, pond hockey, and skating. Come summertime; adrenalin seekers can go kayaking, climbing, hiking, camping, biking, boating, fishing, whale watching, canyoneering, and cold-water diving.




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