5 Shocking Facts about Lottery Winners

After winning the lottery, all of your dreams are supposed to come true and you should be catapulted into that happily ever after that you’ve always looked forward to. But, surprisingly, that is not always the case. In this article, we are going to tell you about five shocking lottery facts that will give you the complete picture of what it’s like to win the lottery.

No.1 – Even Lottery Winners Have to Pay Taxes

Lottery jackpots can reach impressive amounts and the winners should be all set financially for the rest of their lives, but there is one massive initial payoff that all lottery winners must make. And that is paying taxes. The bigger the prize, the more taxes they have to pay for it. Moreover, there are several taxes to pay depending on the local laws of the country where they have won. This is every lottery winner’s biggest nightmare because a great portion of the prize goes to the authorities.

No. 2- Keeping Your Money Is Hard Work

When you hear about people getting their windfalls in big lotteries like the EuroMillions, it’s so easy to assume that the money will last forever. But, unfortunately, lottery jackpots actually do not provide a life-long spending spree for the winners. This happens because the expenses that come with the jackpot winner life grow exponentially in time. And this can snowball to whipping away even the biggest of lotto fortunes. This is precisely why working with professional financial advisers is a must for all lottery winners.

No.3 – A Lottery Jackpot Is a Big Test for Any Relationship

Money changes people, and a few million are more than enough to be a big stressor for even the best of relationships. While lottery jackpots can make people in a relationship thrive, it could prove difficult if their success takes them in different directions. This is the main reason why this much money is sure to cause some big changes. People have different reactions to big life events like huge lotto wins, but couples can stick together as long as they give each other space to deal with the changes.

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No.4 – Will the Lottery Make You What You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Lots of lottery winners have used their millions to fund ideas they have had along the years. However, feeling almighty has not proved useful for those who were not willing to accept that their ideas may not be the hits that they think. This happened to Jay Vargas who put in his entire lottery fortune to make Wrestlicious, a TV series about gorgeous female wrestlers. Unfortunately for him, his show did not take off and he ended up losing all of his money on his TV producer dreams.

No. 5 – Are There Going to Be Normal Days Again?

Winning the lottery comes with a huge initial shock, but with a little bit of guidance, life with a lottery prize can go back to normal. Once the relatives stop calling, once the jackpot buzz tones down, life will shift to a new kind of normal pattern. Even with a huge amount in your bank account, you can live a normal life if you truly want to. All it takes is a bit of discipline and some sturdy perseverance.

As you can see, the lottery life is more complex than lottery ads make it appear. But this means that such a huge event can make people evolve and become better and most certainly stronger. How would you react to a million-dollar lottery prize? Put in your tickets for your favorite lottery and maybe you will get to find out for yourself.

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