4 Home Improvement Projects You Can Complete in One Weekend

Home improvement projects are generally fun, not just because they stretch the boundaries of your creativity, but also because they give you the opportunity to create spaces that show off your personality. That they drive up the value of your home, as well, is just a bonus, albeit a lucrative one. In addition to the bounty of DIY home improvement projects you can tackle in a weekend, you can also transform your home into a better, healthier space with routine maintenance.

Give Your Doors a Makeover

Nothing ruins the vibe of your rustic chic aesthetic like cheap hollow doors. They’re ubiquitous in houses built in the 1990s and early ’00s, but flimsy doors also show up in older homes from the ’60s and ’70s that try to look even older than they are. Because replacement doors are both expensive, you can save money by revamping your doors yourself over the weekend.

A bit of paint, some pieces of wainscoting, and nails or wood glue. Affixing the wainscoting to the front and back of a door gives it a homey, country-cozy appeal, and a fresh coat of paint will change the entire space. It should only take about an hour or so to redo a single door. You can easily tackle all the doors in your house if you take a weekend to work on the project.

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Spray Paint Your Hardware

Doorknobs, drawer pulls, and hinges are expensive, too. That’s a shame because bright, brassy hardware tends to appear cheap, even if it belongs on a lovely piece of furniture. Update those knobs for under $20 without replacing a thing. All you need is some spray paint in the color of your choice. Forget about brass, gold, and silver. Try black, or mix paints to create an antique pewter patina.

Get Your Ducts Checked

Not all home improvement is about decor. Home maintenance is also a factor. After you finish using your HVAC system for the season, schedule a weekend service appointment. Have a technician check the unit itself, along with the ductwork and filters. It’s crucial to eliminate indoor air pollutants from dirtying up the air you breathe indoors. Doing so will make you healthier all around, plus your unit will work more efficiently.

Make Your Own Mudroom

You don’t need a designated mudroom to create a space for all the clutter that people carry just over your threshold. It’s not necessary to have a full foyer or much of a hallway, either. Screw a few coat hooks into the wall and place a compact, cube shelving unit horizontally just inside the door. With those in place, you now have a place to hang coats, hats, and bags, as well as cubbies down below for shoes, umbrellas, and gloves.

Occasionally, all it takes is a simple shelving unit, some innovative thinking, and a can of paint to improve the appearance and health of your home. What are your favorite projects to do around the house?

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