Advantages of Owning a Log Cabin

Some main advantages of having a log cabin are energy, efficiency, simple maintenance, and noise reduction. These buildings are as charming as they are comfortable. Your home should be beautiful, warm, and an amazing place for you, your family, and friends to spend time in. And a log cabin offers you exactly that.

Log cabins from Norwegian Log are unique, energy-efficient, high-quality, comfortable, and beautiful. Furthermore, sturdy and warm cabins are all the rage right now featuring great and modern additions such as skylight windows and heated terraces. In addition, these cabins have a high insulation efficiency that allows the heating and cooling units to maintain the comfort level in the house’s interior.

Let’s now explore more advantages of owning a log cabin.

More Sustainable

Log cabins don’t deplete natural resources when necessary measures are put in place. This is because, they are built using trees which can be replanted, unlike finite resources which are easily depleted.

Wood has carbon, and when trees are growing, they emits carbon into the atmosphere which is not a good thing for the environment. However, by using these trees to build a cabin, carbon emission is reduced.

Many log cabins are built using dead timber thus ensuring that the wood used is not wasted.

Ventilation System

When you have a log cabin, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the conditioning or ventilation system. Timber walls are able to ‘breath’ naturally thus the air inside a log home is never too stuffy or too dry. Timber establishes an ideal moisture balance in the cabin.

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The Grandness

The angled trusses and exposed ridgepoles throughout the cabin allow for vaulted ceilings and grand entrances. These features instantly give your log cabin an impressive and magnificent look.


Many log cabins are located in areas that experience extreme weather conditions. A lot of these cabins can go for extended periods of time without anyone living in them. And despite being hit by strong winds, rain, and snow, they still stand strong.

While tornadoes and hurricanes may destroy different types of houses, log homes have the ability to withstand these weather extremities.

The Warmth

Log homes evoke an inviting, homey, and warm feeling. Wood has a natural property called thermal mass. The thermal mass helps to keep the temperatures inside the cabin at comfortable levels no matter the season.

What’s more, logs have the ability to collect and retain energy from the sun during the daytime, then emits it back into the cabin in the evening.

The Character

Each log cabin is unique. From the post-and-beam cabins with funky wood to the narrow and straight full scribe homes, each log cabin has its own style and personality.

Since the log is selected and handpicked for the cabin, you can be able to pick a log cabin depending on the character you want it to exude.


In today’s modern society where most things are automated, the building of log cabins still remains heavily handcrafted. The artisans pick and cut the logs used in constructing the cabins by hand. Fine-tuning of knots, as well as, adding other minor details to the wood is mainly done by hand.

The meticulous attention to detail makes the log cabins personal to the homeowners.

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